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Why Team Building is Important for Kids - Top 4 Benefits

Why Team Building is Important for Kids - Top 4 Benefits

Hot Ground Gym
Why Team Building is Important for Kids - Top 4 Benefits

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The younger a person is when they are exposed to the importance of teamwork, the better. The ability to work with others is an extremely important component of being a professional in any field or discipline. A good team of people is always stronger and more efficient than a single person. Team building exercises are a good way for any group of people to “practice” working together. Through the solving of various challenges presented in teambuilding exercises, the team will grow their rapport, cooperation, and efficiency. Team building exercises for kids should consist of communication development, fun challenges, memorable experiences that give wisdom to the participants, and provide the ability to develop leadership skills.

Top 4 Benefits

Communication Skill Development

The ability to “talk and listen” is vital to teamwork. “Talk” refers to providing input during discussions. With children, this can be the most challenging. No one wants to say something wrong in a group setting and be judged for it. This requires courage and self-confidence to accomplish. “Listen” is the ability to receive other teammates’ suggestions, then process that information, and discuss constructively their points. This is also difficult for children and takes patience and care to accomplish. Developing a child’s “talk and listen” early on in life will set that child apart from their peers, increase their self-esteem, and fortifies confidence.

Problem Solving Growth

Easing the solving of problems and completing tasks is why we seek out other humans to assist us. The ability to look at a problem objectively and think towards a realistic solution is an important trait to possess. Thinking outside the box as a general rule will give you a leg up on others, but working with other like-minded people is truly where the magic happens for us as humans. Team-building challenges that require “talk and listen” planning phases to complete complex but fun tasks are among the best activities for kids! This is what can grow a child’s problem-solving abilities, their faith in themselves, and is important for social interactions for the rest of their lives.

Problem Solving Growth

Gained Experience (Wisdom)

In the military there is a phrase that describes something endured by the team that strengthened the team, it is “shared hardship”.  Activities that challenge a team to complete a difficult task together, will give the participants in that team the experience of the work they accomplished. A person who succeeds or fails in a task will remember what it took to succeed, and/or remember why they failed. This wisdom will allow adaptation and quicker problem-solving in the presence of a similar situation when they encounter it. Team building for kids will help prepare them for the many challenges of life.

Leadership Skills Development

Nothing is more fulfilling than the feeling of leading others. If children can hardness their own leadership abilities while they are younger, they will be more prone to success when they are older. The only way a child (or anyone) can develop leadership skills is by leading, and getting better at it every time. These lessons are seldom taught to kids anymore. It is very beneficial for a kid’s confidence to practice leading other kids during team-building challenges. We are huge believers in this. When kids are young they should be guided on how to lead by example, then given the opportunity to practice leading, so when they are older they can lead others to accomplish important things for us all. The kids now are the leaders of tomorrow, we can never forget that fact.

Team building exercises are an awesome and fun way to build social skills and confidence in children. We here at HGG present team-building challenges during our “Missions”. Whether in our classes, camps, parties, or events, we will always include a mission in your child’s experience with us. The use of indoor obstacle courses, supporting exercises, hand-eye coordination developing activities, and our missions make the programs at Hot Ground Gym special and extremely beneficial for kids.

Teamwork for Kids at Hot Ground Gym!

Teamwork for Kids at Hot Ground Gym!

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