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Team Buildings Activities in Arlington Heights, IL

Field Day Mobile Obstacle Course for School Events & Orgs Near Chicago

We have developed a new kind of mobile team-building experience for schools and organizations to enjoy. The memorable event we bring to your “house” is one that combines fun obstacle courses, hand-eye-coordination skill building, and teamwork challenges (which we call a “Mission”). We are offering an unforgettable and bonding experience that will NEVER be forgotten by the students, staff, and family members alike.
Hot Ground Gym


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Mobile Events & School Obstacle Courses for Kids in Chicago Suburbs

About Hot Ground Gym
Hot Ground Gym® was founded in Illinois in March 2013 by military veterans. We have created a revolutionary approach to child development that is different from any other traditional “kids' activity”. Our programs in Libertyville and Arlington Heights combine obstacle courses and team-building activities to super-engage children and teach them valuable life lessons through camps, school teamwork field trips and events, and other celebrations.

Our mission is to shape today's kids into the next generation of strong and confident individuals. We accomplished this through a unique & proprietary training methodology that goes way beyond just another fun “physical activity” and works to strengthen problem-solving skills, encourages peer cooperation, and builds character through leadership development outside of school.

Since 2015, over 50 different schools, youth organizations, and private citizens around the Chicagoland area have experienced Hot Ground Gym's Mobile Events and field days. We know what we're doing, we're the only ones who do what we do, and we absolutely love what we do! Let us provide your k-12 students/group with the most memorable and energetic event this year!
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What Is Included in Obstacle Course Field Day Mobile Event Program?

Our first-of-its-kind school assembly experience consists typically of 3 stations that are rotated through.
One station of obstacles to negotiate
One station of a team building challenge to complete
One station of at least 2 different hand-eye-coordination developing games
We run each event by the “Session”. Each session can accommodate between 20-120 children. Each session has a whole group intro & conclusion, with talking points
We can weave any desired talking points into our message when we speak with the children. We love doing that
Each session is typically between 45-55 minutes long
Must book a minimum of 3 sessions, with a maximum of 5 session per day. Multiple days are not uncommon
Typical set-up and tear-down time is approximately 45 minutes each
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Take a Look at Mobile Events For Kids from Hot Ground Gym

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Our methodology

Do you want to inspire your children to become great people? Do you want to instill and develop confidence In your children? Do you want to offer your kids a one-of-a-kind experience at your own school? Well, nothing beats Hot Ground Gym's mobile obstacle course! The experience is a blast and consists of obstacle courses, team-building challenges, and hand-eye-coordination developing activities. Our methods and challenge course are meant to encourage:
Concentration and focus
Spatial Awareness
Peer Cooperation

Hot Ground Gym® is operated by a team of handpicked owners & Instructors. Our cadre of Instructors consists of military veterans and first responders. These are true, real-life superheroes, who inspire children to become better versions of themselves at every event. We truly love what we do.


What Is the Booking Process for Your School Obstacle Field Trip?

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The process for booking an event is not complicated at all. You can either fill out a contact form on this page to get the ball rolling, or give the closest HGG a call. Once we get a diaologue going, we will immediately understand your needs by you answering a few easy questions. From there we will send you a proposal and schedule you for a “Site Survey”. Our site survey will take around 15-20 minutes, needs to be held on site at your location, and there we will discuss with you our and your vision for the event. We have a waiver link we will send as well as a PDF that can be printed out. All participants must have a completed waiver from HGG to participate. We will absolutely assist you in any way we can during this process.

What Parents and Kids Think about Us

We moved here nearly a year ago, and started our son shortly after the move. Since then, he has grown in confidence, independence, compassion, trust, and respect. He has the diagnoses of ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, and anxiety. He hasn’t had a single tantrum since his third week with Sam at Hot Ground. He is kinder, more respectful, and genuinely wants to have better and more meaningful relationships with peers. The teamwork and relationship model offered here is unique in that the kids depend on any random group as the class days vary. The outward focus seems to be physical development, but the true focus is mental, social-emotional, and community growth. Sam absolutely loves the kids as they are, wherever they are, and is building up each person as that individual needs to be built up. He is a true gem, and my son looks forward to each class, excited about each one.
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Megan Lierman
Hot Ground Gym provides an awesome physical workout, builds character and teaches teamwork! My 8yo son has really looked up to the instructors and my 4yo daughter wants to follow in his footsteps. From classes, to leadership camp, to birthday parties, I highly recommend!
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Allison Wyrwicz
I was looking for an alternative to martial arts for my son, and learned about Hot Ground. I'm extremely impressed by what they do. In addition to challenging parkour, which he loves, they teach practical life skills that go beyond anything I've seen elsewhere (except possibly the Boy Scouts). My son has been learning first aid and other life-saving skills, survival techniques, and more -- and I'm seeing a big improvement in both his physical confidence and emotional maturity. The coaches are great with kids, striking a nice balance between good-humored and no-nonsense, which the kids definitely respond to! The facilities are very well-maintained, and I like the fact that they take the kids outside when the weather's good. I've decided to try a week of the summer camp this year as well, and we'll see how that goes. Hot Ground isn't inexpensive, but the price (especially for the camp) is in keeping with most other after-school activities.
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Mary D.
We highly recommend Hot Ground Gym classes because they offer a fun, physical after-school activity coupled with learning opportunities in social and emotional learning. The kids get to burn energy by climbing, jumping, swinging on ropes, etc. While the kids are "playing" they're also learning about teamwork, confidence, cooperation, responsibility, leadership and problem-solving skills. Hot Ground Gym is owned by veterans who are great role models. We also love the small class size, individualized attention as well as the beautiful new facility and reasonable rates for classes.
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Vic L.
We have two daughters, ages five and seven. At Hot Ground Gym they get a good work out but don’t even realize they are exercising because they are focused on the obstacle course tasks. These classes safely challenge the kids to try things they normally wouldn’t get to try: climbing over walls, running up ramps, climbing ropes, etc. Sam does an amazing job breaking down the ever-rotating obstacles into separate skills and then training those skills and muscle groups. My daughters are growing in confidence and resilience. We are so glad to have found HGG!
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Carolyn Kohl
We found Hot Ground Gym (HGG) by accident because of my daughter’s interest in Parkour or Ninja-type obstacle course activities, kind of like the American Ninja Warrior tv show. There are two aspects to HGG’s approach that made this place a great choice for our child’s after-school activities: 1) classes offer far more than a fun, physical after-school activity where the kids get to burn energy by climbing, jumping, swinging on ropes, etc; and 2) while the kids are “playing” they’re also learning about teamwork, confidence, cooperation, responsibility, leadership and problem-solving skills. That is the backbone of this whole company which is run by veterans—teaching kids very important life skills during the classes through the different activities. Other important details which factored into our decision choosing HHG included: 1) small class size; 2) individualized attention; 3) beautiful new facility that is very clean; and 4) very reasonable rates for classes. We started our child at 1 time per week but are moving up to 2 times per week since she loves it so much.
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Vickie Lewin

Mobile Event Pricing Packages

Event price 3 sessions
3 sessions or less
4 sessions                
5 sessions                
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Event price 10 sessions
2-day 10 sessions or less
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Discount and sponsorship pricing may be availible to your group.
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