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Team Buildings Activities in Arlington Heights, IL

Day Camps in Arlington Heights, IL and Libertyville, IL

Hot Ground Gym® offers day camps for kids in Chicago's Northern suburbs. Our camps are specially designed to build confidence and encourage physical development. Day camp sessions are filled with fun active learning, obstacle course training, and teambudilng activities that will keep kids moving and entertained.
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Our kids’ programs are full of education and adventure and accommodate children aged seven and up. Hot Ground Gym utilizes fun obstacle-based activities to instill confidence and resilience. Developed to constructively challenge with care, our day camps promote team-building, hand-eye coordination, and creative problem-solving. Hot Ground Gym is located in Arlington Heights and Libertyville and close to Palatine, Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills, Grayslake, and Mundelein.


Hot Ground Gym’s day camps combine physical and mental rigor with creativity and entertainment. Children engage in a variety of in and outdoor activities that promote teambuilding, motor skill development, and science-related physical training.
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Our children’s camps keep kiddos entertained while they’re out of school for a holiday, winter break, spring break, or summer break. At Hot Ground Gym, we know that every child is different, so our full and half-day programs offer a range of activities to appeal to their strengths while still challenging their weaknesses.

From obstacle and rope courses to relay racing, our activities offer fun learning opportunities for kids to develop interpersonal skills by learning from each other and, in turn, deepen their emotional intelligence. While they’re climbing, jumping, crawling, and swinging, they’re building physical strength, confidence, and grit.

All our activities are safe and guided by expert facilitators who are CPR and first-aid certified to ensure high safety standards.
Some exciting and popular Sports activities in our Day Camps include:
  • intriguing and challenging mind games
  • friendly competitions and relay races
  • basic construction skills
  • teambuilding challenges
  • obstacle course training
  • rope courses
  • archery
  • Parkour related activities
  • dart/knife throwing
  • ball/ring tossing
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Proudly owned by veterans, Hot Ground Gym’s Day Camps provides physical, mental, and character developing activities that enriches kids and prepares them to confront life’s challenges. Our passionate instructors are equipped to offer interactive experiences and respond to each child’s individual needs. In fact, many of our participants have enjoyed our camps so much that they have graduated to become assistant instructors.

At Hot Ground, we combine kids of all ages into small groups to foster teamwork and offer leadership opportunities. Mixed groups break down barriers associated with age and gender and make for more inclusive environments.

And of course, for parents who need to run errands or want a break, our Sports Day Camps provide the ideal opportunity. There’s no limit to how many days your child can attend, nor do we have any minimum day requirements - you book according to your schedule. That being said, we can only accommodate a set number of kids per day, so be sure to book early!
Summer Camps Near Chicago
Our 2023 summer camp is enrolled in by the week, and is great for 6-13+ year olds. Older kids get an opportunity (if desired) to develop their leadership skills, and the younger ones have a blast participating. Our Leadership Summer Camp, being a premiere Day Camp near Chicago, is different from other camps we offer during the year because it is a whole week experience, each day evolving from the last. Located in Arlington Heights and Libertyville, close to Palatine and Vernon Hills, these obstacle-course-based camps. Book now for all-day fun from morning to afternoon!
2022 Winter Break Camps
Our winter camps are designed to keep kids entertained while developing problem-solving and interpersonal skills. With obstacle course training, teambuilding missions, "target practice" hand-eye-coordination activities, and many other fun games, we guarantee a fun winter break. This camp is great for all kids, ages six and up.
2022 Spring Break Camps in Arlington Heights
Still in town this Spring Break? Send your kids to our Northern Chicago spring break camps for a one-of-a-kind experience filled with obstacle courses, team challenges, fun hand-eye-coordination developing activities, and tons of other great activities. The camp is a break for you, and a blast for them!! Our 2023 Spring Break Camp is registered in by the half or full day, and is great for kids ages 6-14.
No School Days and One Day Camps
No School? No Problem! We offer full and half day camp options for most national holidays and some localized school closures. Have your child attend our No School Day Camp the next time their school is closed and you want to relax (or need to work ;)


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Day Camps that are an EPIC Alternative to the Ordinary
Spring Break Camp
Summer Camp that builds confidence
Best summer camp for kids
Hot Ground Gym® Summer Camp
Best Camps for kids!!!

What Age Kids Do We Work With

Hot Ground Gym's Camps are great for 6-13+ year olds. Older kids get an opportunity (if desired) to develop their leadership skills, and the younger ones have a blast participating!
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Benefits of Day camps For Children

Benefits of Day camps For Childrengrean smear
  • Specially Devised Programs: From obstacle courses to friendly competitions, our camps educate, entertain and develop leadership skills.
  • Creative Learning: Designed to stimulate physical movement and cognitive abilities, we offer a range of confidence-building activities appealing to different strengths.
  • Small Groups: We ensure every child receives the support, interaction, and attention they need during camp time.
  • Safety and Wellbeing: Our facilitators are CPR and first-aid certified. They receive updated training on emergency action plans and life-saving equipment for ultimate safety.
  • Constant Communication: We keep parents updated on their child’s camp experience, so they feel included and know what to expect.

Who Works With your Children in Our Camps

Our team of experienced owner/operators are military veterans and former first responders, that directly provide a "one of a kind experience" to the children that attend our camps. All of our camps are designed to instill discipline, patience, and hard work. Our instructors ensure children have energizing but safe fun.
Trainer Works With Children in Our Camps

Customer Reviews

Literally love this place and all that they stand for. This is a facility ran by people who care about setting our kids up for success with a side of tough skin. It's a bit far for us but my sis in law and I make it happen by alternating car pool just so we can get the kids into atleast one week of their camp sessions. They focus on team building, confidence building, working out their mind, and their bodies everyday. They rave about their day and actually are begging for another week. Do not hesitate to support this facility and their leaders, you and your kids will be happy you did!
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Valerie B
This place provides unique experience for my kid. There is no other place in the area that exposes kids to learning real life skills, survival methods, leadership. etc... I love the owner too
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Jony Nazar
Our boys, 7 and 10, did the HGG Leadership Summer camp for the month of June. They had a lot of fun learning to work together with others, be leaders, be accountable (at least there) and experience drills, obstacle courses, and other activities not offered at other camps. They liked going to the lake once a week. The boys came home tired!
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Kristi Takagishi
My son (8) and daughter (10) had an amazing experience during HGG summer leadership camp. Each week they learned new leadership, teamwork, safety, and problem solving skills. Sam and his team are amazing and exceptional! My kids are looking forward to the classes offered throughout the school year and enrolling again next summer. This is truly an awesome program for all kids!
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Vita Unger
Best kids program ever. BEST Summer Camp EVER. My son Martin loves it. He was at HGG Summer Camp for 8 weeks and he grew up so much. He became more confident , organized, strong mind and body, he learn archery, knife throwing, defense , working in team and so much more..... I cannot say enough good things about HGG Arlington Heights. Sam the manager and all the team members are awesome with the kids. Thank you guys and keep it up :-)
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Tina Petkova
This place is truly awesome! Great for children to interact with one another, to learn to work together to complete tasks. My son is a huge fan, We did the summer camp this year and it was filled with so many activities, he came home tired and with fun stories! (Nerf gun Battles/Water Parks/ Apparently my son prefers Sams grilling skills than mine/the Beach / Obstacle courses). The instructors are amazing with the kids, they motivate each child to achieve their best, if they see a child struggle or afraid of doing an activity, they provide one on one and walk them through it, this empowers the child and enables the child to realize that even through things might be scary, they are achievable and you can see on that kids face after they faced that fear and receive that support from teammates. It's nice to have a place where the kids are encouraged to be themselves and support one another. Thank you guys for providing a great Summer experience for Zak!!!
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Sarah Kabbani

2023 Day Camps Schedule

We post the dates that the camp is available as soon as they are established. Each year the days of camps are different to coincide with school holiday schedules.
type of camp
winter camp
spring camp
No school camp
summer camp
Price Per Full-day
Price Per Half-day
Price Per Week
Schedule for 2023
12/27, 12/28,
12/29, 12/30,
1/3, 1/4,
1/5, 1/6
3/27, 3/28, 3/29,
3/30, 3/31
Presidents' Day

Good Friday
Week 1: 6/12 - 6/16
Week 2: 6/19 - 6/23
Week 3: 6/26 - 6/30
Week 4: 7/10 - 7/14
Week 5: 7/17 - 7/21
Week 6: 7/24 - 7/28
Week 7: 7/31 - 8/4
Week 8: 8/7 - 8/11


We offer Summer, Winter, Spring Break, and School Closure Day Camps by the full or half-day.
Full-day Camp
Full-day Camp
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half-day session
half-day session
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Multiple days and weeks discounts are available, as well as special seasonal promotions.



No, our camps are open to the public. Although, attending our Junion Boots™ classes regularly would definitely give your child a leg-up during camps.

What are the drop off & pick up times?

Full Day drop off is between 8 - 8:30 am and pick up is between 3:30-4pm.

Half Day AM drop off is between 8 - 8:30 am and pick up is between 11:30am and 12 noon.

Half Day PM drop off is between 12 - 12:30 pm and pick up is between 3:30-4pm."

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