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Children’s Activities in Arlington Heights, IL

Children’s Activities in Libertyville, IL

Looking for kid-friendly activities in Libertyville, IL? Owned and operated by military veterans, Hot Ground Gym has fun sports programs for 7-14-year-olds that build physical strength and emotional intelligence to help kids succeed in life.
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our activities include

Kids Obstacle Courses
Our adventurous indoor obstacle courses for kids in Libertyville, offer the perfect after-school programs to keep kids entertained and fit!
Kids Camps in 2021
Keep your kids busy during the holidays when they join our summer camp in Libertyville, IL, or enroll in our winter sports camps.
Team-Building Events
We offer team-building events for kids and adults to boost motivation and inspire collaboration.
Kids’ Birthday Parties
Want to throw an unforgettable birthday? Kids love our fun 90-minute obstacle course birthday parties in Libertyville.

We Offer Classes for Kids in These Age Groups

K-2 grade

Constant stimulus and dynamic circuit-based activities help kids 5-7 years old in our Alpha Company classes stay focussed and on track.

3-5 grade

Diverse obstacle negotiation techniques and challenging team-building tasks provide a faster-paced class for 8-11 year-olds in our Bravo Company class.


The Charlie Company Class in Libertyville, is designed with tougher obstacles and tasks to challenge growing  intellectual and physical demands of 11-14 year-olds.

Why Choose Our Kid-Friendly Activities in libertyville, Il?

Why Choose Our Kid-Friendly Activities in Arlington Heights, Il?smear
Hot Ground Gym’s progressively structured syllabus, designed by military veterans, offers a positive environment for children to learn new things about themselves and others while developing healthy self-esteem. We nurture happy and enthusiastic children through a range of physically orientated classes and activities in Libertyville. Our popular holiday camps and awesome birthday parties have been providing happy memories for kids in Chicagoland since 2013.

We incorporate fun, exercise, and team-building skills in our sessions. Hot Ground Gym’s specially designed obstacle courses stimulate gross motor skills, coordination, physical and mental fortitude, as well as overall child character development. We provide serious fun for kids to help them grow into healthy adults.
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Customer Reviews

My kid dislikes school sports but loves coming to Hot Ground Gym in Libertyville! He’s learned so much about leadership and himself during weekly classes, not to mention keeping fit and healthy.
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My daughter had the best kids party at Hot Ground Gym. The activities we fun, and the kids loved playing on the obstacle course. Since then, she’s joined the weekly kids classes.
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Hot Ground Gym’s classes are the perfect after-school activity for kids. I get to relax as a parent, my son gets a workout and time spent with friends in a safe environment.
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FAQ About Our Kids Classes

How much is a summer camp in Libertyville?

Our summer camps cost $450 per week. We often run seasonal promotions, so be sure to check out our monthly deals.

How do I find out the classes’ schedule for the kids' obstacle course in Libertyville?

You can access our kid classes’ schedule here. Our classes take place from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Kids can attend once or twice a week.

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The promotion for the summer camp is 15% off the first week, and 20% off all additional weeks.
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