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Team Buildings Activities in Arlington Heights, IL

TeamBuilding Activities in Arlington Heights and Libertyville, IL

Hot Ground Gym offers energizing, challenging, and fun team-building activities to facilitate camaraderie, develop relationships and provide memorable group experiences. We customize events to fit each team’s needs.
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Owned and operated by former military veterans, Hot Ground Gym’s unique vision combines military team experience with group sports activities to provide confidence-building events that strengthen the spirit of collaboration and creativity.
Designed for adults and kids, our engaging team-building obstacle course helps people work together effectively to accomplish shared goals. You can find us in Arlington Heights near Palatine, Wheeling, and Buffalo Grove, as well as in Libertyville, close by to Vernon Hills, Grayslake, and Mundelein.
Teamwork Activities for Kids & Adults near Chicagogrean smear

Teamwork Activities for Kids & Adults near Chicago

At Hot Ground Gym in Arlington Heights and Libertyville, we design several courses for kid and adult groups to work through per session. From strengthening trust in corporate teams to confidence building for kids, we provide fun-filled activities, whether it's a party or office excursion.


  • Our educational team-building events are 100% private, meaning you and your guests have the entire facility to yourselves
  • A 60-minute session with guided instruction from our team of professional instructors
  • Non-stop team-building missions designed to build social cohesion
  • A dedicated team to take care of your group's needs
  • Use of all equipment
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The Activity Program

Teambuilding activities present on the course vary depending on the theme and age group. The program itself is completely custom, so the kinds of activities included in the team-building events are different for every client.

Theme-related team games (relay races, aim-and-throw, capture the flag, or point-scoring)  are the perfect way to break the ice and ease the group into working together. And construction-based games, like those focused on building bridges from planks or stairs from blocks, promote creative thinking with agility and fosters team spirit with children and adults alike.

Our custom-designed timed exercises incorporate countless combinations of unique movement-based activities needed to solve a specific problem. These activities may include vaulting, climbing and jumping over obstacles, parallel bars, or commando crawl tunnels. Scenario-based rescue activities (one team member has to be moved by the rest of their group from one place to another across the obstacle course) are also great exercises to encourage team communication and trust. 

The age group and theme of the event are always taken into consideration when designing the program. This way, every client gets a unique and productive team-building experience.

Take a Look at Trust Building Activities at Hot Ground Gym

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Boy Scouts of America visit Hot Ground Gym
Hot Ground Gym® We strengthen the future.
Teamwork summer camp
Children fitness classes for the body and mind

What Groups of Kids Do We Work With?

We love working with local children’s sports teams, and scouts! Whether a Cub Scout Pack, Brownie Troop, Girl Scout Troop, or Boy Scout Troop, we will provide an inspiring experience that can even meet requirements for certain Merit Badges! We also have worked with numerous school grade classes as a field trip for the kids (they always love it :), as well as religious organizations and youth groups. We will provide an unforgettable teambuilding session for any group of kids from the age of 7 and up. Our 100% private team-building events are 1-hour long sessions, consisting of challenging obstacle courses and invigorating activities specially designed to encourage teamwork.  

Events can be customized to meet a group’s specific needs. Whether it’s including an announcement portion, award presentation, color guard ceremony, Boy Scout troop activities, or anything in between. Regardless of the group, we like to keep things challenging and fun.
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Benefits of Our TeamBuilding Events

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  • Increases Collaboration:
    Team members have to trust each other and leverage their strengths and weaknesses to achieve a common goal.
  • Confidence Building:
    Each time a team overcomes challenges and obstacle courses, they boost individual and group confidence levels.
  • Boosts Creativity:
    Our problem-solving activities encourage different approaches when trying to solve challenges and deepen logical thinking skills.
  • Strengthens Communication:
    Team-building events improve social skills, as individuals have to communicate clearly to complete tasks.
  • Develops Discipline:
    Collaboration binds individuals and motivates them to preserve and stay motivated to overcome difficulties.
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Who Works With Children in Our Team Lessons?

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Our camps are led and taught by instructors trained to facilitate the full range of activities we offer. Hot Ground Gym’s military-inspired teambuilding for kids and adults utilizes obstacle-based fitness used in military training to instill discipline, build confidence and encourage collaboration in adults and children while still having fun.

Customer Reviews

My son struggles with ADHD, anxiety, and sensory sensitivities so I was nervous about enrolling him in Hot Ground Gym. It turns out that my concerns were completely unnecessary! Sam Simpson, the General Manager and Junior Boots Instructor, is amazing. Each week, Sam works with my son and the other members of Alpha Company to develop confidence, courage, discipline, and leadership. Sam offers endless patience and gentle motivation, even when my son is feeling especially nervous or overwhelmed. I cannot say enough positive things about Sam and Hot Ground Gym!
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Jen S
I just left Hot Ground Gym after an awesome team building event that I scheduled for my daughters’ Indian Princess program. Sam was amazing. He connected with the girls and got them moving, thinking, problem solving and working together. He kept them engaged and smiling which is not always easy for girls ages 5-12. Well done Sam and well done Hot Ground Gym. I would definitely recommend Sam and the gym if you are looking for a great event for groups sized 10-30. I know they do birthday parties there as well which I am sure would be great!
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Ernie Costello
Hot Ground Gym is a fantastic place for children to grow both physically and mentally. My daughters have started taking classes here and the weekly curriculum is outstanding for strength, confidence and team building. We recently hosted a birthday party here for my 8 year old and it was phenomenal. Well organized from start to finish. Sam and Evan did an incredible job directing and encouraging 18 girls through several obstacles and team building exercises. All of the kids had an excellent time. I would highly recommend this place. You can’t go wrong.
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Jen B
Excellent place for my son to burn off energy, grow confidence, learn new skills and teamwork. My son loves going there! The facility is spacious and clean. Sam and his staff are the absolute best!
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Olga V
This is a great place for kids to use up some energy in a great way, to conquer some of their fear and learn new things and skills (like archery, teamwork, leadership, rope climbing). The classes are a very nice mixture of physical activity and skill learning and the kids love it. The teams running the gym also seem to genuinely love interacting with the kids and teaching them. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great activity for kids.
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Manuela Pascu (APTheLegend)
My son loves the classes and was sooo looking forward to winter camp. It exceeded his expectations!! While he had a blast, as a mom i appreciate the balance of fun, challenging activities (the “missions”) with team-building exercises, self-defense training, and character building. I really cannot say enough about HG, it has made my kiddo love exercise and develop physically and mentally!
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Ruth Gomberg-Munoz


The base price for a 60 minute private event is $225 for 10 or less kids, and is 15$ for each additional kid.
10 or Less Kids
10 or Less Kids
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FAQ About Our Kids Classes

Can we host a Boy/Girl Scout Event with HGG?

Definitely! We love the Scouts! Our Teambuilding events are a perfect "meeting" for the troop that can actually meet some requirements of a few different Merit Badges.

Do you offer an event for my child's sports team?

Indubitably! Our Teambuilding events are filled with obstacle courses and cohesive team-building challenges. Sports teams always have a blast and leave the event with a stronger team bond.

For what ages do you organize team-building activities in Arlington Heights and Libertyville?

We organize team-building activities for kids ages seven and up, as well as adults.

Can adults participate in Kid Team events?

While we know that our team events provide a lot of fun for kids and adults, we hold separate events for each group of people. Our events can be tailored to meet specific group needs, whether it’s adult or kid-orientated.

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Our Location

Our team-building activities for kids and adults and sports events take place at Hot Ground Gym in Arlington Heights, located near Palatine, Wheeling, and Buffalo Grove, and in Libertyville, near Vernon Hills, Grayslake, and Mundelein.