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2021 Summer Camps in Arlington Heights, IL

2023 Summer Camps in Libertyville and Arlington Heights, IL

Keep your children entertained all day at our fun-filled summer camps for kids. Boost your kids’ confidence and strengthen their bodies with our obstacle course training, teambuilding activities, exciting games, and so much more!
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Summer Camps for Arlington Heights, Libertyville, Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills, and Other northern Chicago Suburbs

Hot Ground Gym’s summer camp for kids follows a training methodology pioneered by veterans. Make no mistake, this is not a boot camp, but a highly engaging and super fun environment for kids to grow in. Our obstacle-based fitness and team-building activities will strengthen kids' bodies and characters. HGG’s summer camp for kids also offers the Small Unit Leadership program that focuses on developing essential leadership skills.
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About Our Leadership Summer camp

The camp is enrolled in by the week, and is great for 6-13+ year olds. Older kids get an opportunity (if desired) to develop their leadership skills, and the younger ones have a blast participating . Each week is Monday - Friday from 8am-4pm. The Leadership Summer Camp is different from other camps we offer during the year because it is a whole week experience, each day evolving from the last.

Another aspect that is special to our summer camp only, is the "Team Point System"(TPS). Where, campers get to earn points as an individual and as a team throughout each day. The points that are earned can be spent on snacks and other treats at the end of each day. The decision each day what to "purchase" will be made as a team. The kids really love the point system!

Activities for the camp change every day, often evolve from previously, and consist of:
  • Obstacle Course movement & building
  • Rope Climbing & rope using
  • "target Practice" hand-Eye-Coordination activities
  • team building challenges "missions"
  • outside Activities (weather permitting)
  • small unit leadership development
  • Varying fitness-based activities

See What Our Arlington Heights’ and Libertyville’s Hot Ground Gym Summer Camps Look Like

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Day Camps that are an EPIC Alternative to the Ordinary
Teamwork summer camp
Best summer camp for kids
Hot Ground Gym® Summer Camp
Team Point System (TPS) Kids earn points to spend on treats

small teams earn more points 🤑

Children in the summer camp will be divided into smaller 6-10 person teams on their first day. The teams then set off to accomplish specific tasks and missions that are designed for them to begin bonding immediately.

Most of the day to day camp is centrally controlled with small unit activities in mind. This means that we (the Instructors) will explain what will be accomplished (the "Mission"), and often the actual accomplishing will be done in the children's small team with our close guidance ;)

While the teams are participating in activities, they are earning points. These points are rewarded by us for displaying good teamwork, exceptional task/mission completion, self/team accountability, and much more. This system was designed as a financial management and team accountability learning tool, and it has shown to be very successful in driving the teams to work well together.

The points earned through out the day can be either spent or saved through out the week. We have various frozen and non-frozen snacks that the team may "purchase", as they enjoy the end of day show/movie during pick up time. The choice must always be agreed to by the entire team. THE KIDS LOVE IT!!

Benefits of our leadership Summer Camps

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  • Increases Strength & Resilience
    The daily activities will defiantly increase your child's over all fitness, as they enjoy "rough but fun experiences". These experiences are high then low in intensity, offering plenty of "active rest time" in between activities.
  • Develops Leadership & "Team Mindset"
    The specialized small unit structured environment teaches kids core skills like clear communication, collaboration, and most importantly accountability.
  • Improves Self-Knowledge & Confidence
    We take pride in providing "out of the box" wisdom, life lessons, and other knowledge regarding a wide range of subject matter. We will discuss with the kids everything from simple financial management, to rope using and tying, to "this is how you pull a truck out of mud!", and so on. The extra out of the box wisdom will boost your child's self esteem and increase their overall knowledge.
Our HGG Approach to training is Physical, Mental, and Character Development.
  • Body & Mind
    The daily camp activities will strengthen the bodies, and stimulate the minds of all who participated.
  • Character building
    We encourage kids to overcome challenges as they learn that discipline and perseverance lead to success.
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Our "5 Pillars of Confidence"


Whether your child joins Hot Ground Gym solo or surrounded by a team, they will leave each session with a strengthened sense of teamwork.


Our gym refines leadership abilities and shows kids the skills necessary to become leaders in all aspects of life.
Obstacle Course Fitness

Obstacle Course Fitness

Introduce fitness to your kids in a uniquely engaging way through our obstacle fitness courses. These courses are designed with safety in mind and are ideal for those with all fitness levels.


Discipline is always conveyed in an approachable manner so your child can learn to set boundaries in any given situation.


No matter the physical or psychological problem your child is up against, our programs are designed to teach real-world problem-solving skills.

Customer Reviews

Our boys, 7 and 10, did the HGG Leadership Summer camp for the month of June. They had a lot of fun learning to work together with others, be leaders, be accountable (at least there) and experience drills, obstacle courses, and other activities not offered at other camps. They liked going to the lake once a week. The boys came home tired!
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Kristi Takagishi
We have really loved the experiences at HGG. My son attended the summer camp and faced different, exciting adventures each day. He had the opportunity to be both a leader and follower, working as a team to meet challenges, learning about a variety of things from grappling to knife throwing, rope climbing to archery and so much more. He has done other physically challenging programs but enjoys HGG most because while it is physical work he learns new skills and has different experiences each time. In the weekly program, he has similar adventures, focused on both team building and individual growth. My son speaks highly of his experiences with the staff and he feels well supported by all of them. Highly recommend this program!
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Kathy Burger

2023 Summer Camp Schedule

The Leadership Summer Camp is enrolled in by the week. We are offering the summer camp in 2023 on the following weeks:
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
6/12 - 6/16
6/19 - 6/23
6/26 - 6/30
7/10 - 7/14
week 5
week 6
week 7
week 8
7/17 - 7/21
7/24 - 7/28
7/31 - 8/04
8/7 - 8/11

Pricing & registration
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FAQ About Our Chicago Area Summer Day Camps


Wo do go outside during nice weather, but we do not take "field trips".


If the weather is good, we take them outside. After all, it is summer ;)  


Unfortunately, we adhere to a strict first-come, first-served policy. We recommend booking as soon as possible.

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Hot Ground Gym’s weekly summer camps near Chicago are located in Arlington Heights, close to Palatine, Wheeling, and Buffalo Grove, and in Libertyville, near Vernon Hills, Grayslake, and Mundelein.
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