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Camps, Classes, Birthdays & Team Building Kids Activities Near Vernon Hills

Looking for more than just playtime for your kids near Vernon Hills? Hot Ground Gym, located in Arlington Heights and Libertyville, is your solution!

We offer a variety of exciting programs that go beyond just play, keeping kids engaged, challenged, and learning while having a blast. Conveniently located just a short drive from Vernon Hills, Hot Ground Gym is the perfect place to unleash your child's potential and create lasting memories.

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Adventure Awaits: Fun & Fitness for Vernon Hills Families

Hot Ground Gym near Vernon Hills offers a unique blend of fitness, teamwork, and creativity for kids of all ages. While we're based in Arlington Heights and Libertyville, our programs are designed to make memories and build skills in a supportive and fun environment that is easily accessible to Vernon Hills families.
Whether it's a day of camp, a birthday bash, or a team-building challenge, Hot Ground Gym is where memories are made! Come experience the high energy and wide smiles — you won't want to miss out on the fun.
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Team Building Summer Camp for KIDS!
Day Camps that are an EPIC Alternative to the Ordinary
Best Kid's Afterschool Classes EVER!
Kids birthday party with obstacles & teambuilding activities

Unlocking Potential: Hot Ground Gym for Vernon Hills Kids

At Hot Ground Gym, we believe in nurturing the whole child, helping them discover their potential through physical activity, problem-solving, and teamwork. We offer a variety of programs tailored to different ages and interests to guarantee that every child finds a place to thrive and make friends.

Ready to see what makes Hot Ground Gym special? Here are just a few of our most popular programs:
Junior Boots™ Kids & Teens Obstacle Classes
Watch your child's confidence soar to new heights as they tackle our exciting obstacle courses! These challenges are designed to push them beyond their comfort zones, building agility, strength, and coordination, and leaving them with a thrilling sense of accomplishment.
Kids Day Camps
Keep your child learning and growing all summer long at Hot Ground Gym's exciting camps! We blend physical activity, creative exploration, and engaging challenges to provide a fun and educational experience that will keep your child active and entertained all break long.
Team Building Events
We empower kids to be their best selves! Our team-building programs go beyond just games, building essential skills like cooperation, communication, and leadership that will help your child thrive in any situation, both on and off the field.
Kids Birthday Parties
Get ready to party! Hot Ground Gym birthday parties are packed with fun, games, and activities that will leave your child and their friends screaming for more!
Mobile Events
Let Hot Ground Gym handle the fun! Our mobile events bring the excitement and energy of our gym directly to your community, school, or special event, so you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

Ready to Create Long-Lasting Memories?

Contact the Hot Ground Gym team today to discover how our dynamic programs can ignite your child's passion for fitness, teamwork, and personal growth!

Programs Tailored for Every Age

Alpha Company (5-7 y/o)

Ready to move? Our youngest adventurers will love Alpha Company! These classes are designed to spark a love of movement in our littlest athletes, focusing on foundational skills like coordination and play-based learning in a fun and supportive environment. In this program, we encourage exploration and creativity!

Bravo Company (8-10 y/o)

Ready to take on the next level of fun in Bravo Company? We introduce more complex obstacle courses and problem-solving challenges to engage kids in collaborative activities that help them develop their physical abilities and teamwork skills.

Charlie Company (11-14 y/o)

Lead the way! Charlie Company is perfect for older kids and young teens who are ready to push their limits. We offer advanced obstacle courses, strategic challenges, and opportunities for leadership development to create the perfect environment to build confidence and unlock their full potential!

Hot Ground Gym: More than Just a Gym

Hot Ground Gym is a unique space where physical fitness, creativity, and teamwork come together to ignite your child's potential and build essential life skills.

Why Choose Our Kid-Friendly Activities in Arlington Heights, Il?smear

Here's what makes Hot Ground Gym the perfect choice for your Vernon Hills kids:

  • More than Just a Gym: We believe in nurturing the whole child, not just their physical fitness. At Hot Ground Gym, we create a dynamic environment where kids can develop confidence, problem-solving skills, creativity, and social-emotional intelligence — all while having a blast!
  • Engaging Activities, Limitless Learning: Our diverse programs are designed to keep kids engaged and challenged, from exhilarating obstacle courses that test their limits to collaborative team-building exercises that foster teamwork and communication. Learning is always exciting at Hot Ground Gym!
  • Dedicated Educators, Positive Outcomes: Our passionate team of educators creates a safe and supportive space where every child feels valued and empowered to succeed. We foster a culture of encouragement so that each child feels safe to explore, learn, and grow.
  • Nurturing Future Leaders: We believe in empowering kids to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our programs encourage initiative, collaboration, and respect for individual strengths to build a strong community of young leaders.

Choose Hot Ground Gym and invest in your child's future. We help them develop into confident, capable, and cooperative individuals who are ready to thrive in any setting.

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Parents & Kids Love Hot Ground Gym!

Our kids love coming to Hot Ground Gym in Arlington Heights! They’ve made great friends, and the instructors are awesome. We’re so glad they can stay fit and healthy while still having fun
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My kid attends Hot Ground Gym’s winter camp with his friends every year. He loves the indoor playground, and I love getting some time off during the holidays. I highly recommend their fun activities for kids
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The best discovery this year has been Hot Ground Gym near Arlington Heights! My kids love their sports complex. They’ve made so many new friends and become so much more confident since we moved to Arlington Heights.
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Hot Ground Gym® Libertyville, IL
1950 US-45, Libertyville, IL 60048
Hot Ground Gym® Arlington Heights
8 W College Dr, Arlington Heights, IL 60004, USA

Our Location

Hot Ground Gym® is just a quick drive away! Our Libertyville location is the closest at just 7 miles and our Arlington Heights location is just 10 miles from Vernon Hills.

Find the location that works best for you!

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