Hot Ground Gym® (HGG) is owned and operated by military veterans. HGG was founded by Doug Gialds, a US Marine Corps veteran, and Paul Plotkin, a veteran of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Their vision was to create a new system of child development that encompasses a combination of their collective military service, the love they feel for their own children, and the desire to prepare children for the many challenging walks of life. Since HGG’s beginning back in 2014, we have pioneered a training methodology that utilizes obstacle based fitness and challenging team building activities combined into the same experience. HGG is a revolutionary concept that is driven by it’s slogan, which is to “Strengthen the Future” of our country. One child at a time, one experience at a time.


Our philosophy consists of a 3 Pronged Approach to child development (3PA™), which is physical, mental, and character training. Our 3 Pronged approach is held up by our 5 Pillars of Confidence (5PC™), which is the backbone of all of HGG. Our 5PC™ are Discipline, Obstacle Fitness, Teamwork, Leadership, and Problem Solving. Our 3PA™ and 5PC™ are evident in all of the services we provide. 


The school-grade years are among the most important times developmentally of a childhood. We have engineered this approach to better prepare children for the many different and challenging walks of life. Teaching them resilience and perseverance, which will increase their self-confidence. Our goal is to have children “find themselves” with us. Our driving slogan is we “Strengthen the Future” one child at a time, one experience at a time.

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  • Provides a great physical outlet for kids that increases fitness levels.

  • Teaches proper exercise fundamentals, knowledge is empowering.

  • Increases motor planning and core strength.

  • Develops children's ability to problem solves complex tasks.

  • Develops positive peer relationships, making lasting friends 

  • Teaches strong teamwork values, that are developed through tough “missions”.

  • Every week is a new experience, making it always FRESH and never boring or “old”

  • Has shown to increase positive behavioral traits at home, especially when we need to “have a talk” with kiddo regarding behaviors outside the gym 

  • Teaches children how to handle failures.

  • Gives your child a “team” that they can really feel apart of.

  •  Noncompetitive environment. No one is left behind.

  • Offers older children a chance to help and lead during younger classes and camps

  •  After your child ages out from the classes, they may apply for a job with us, most of our Assistant Instructors have “graduated” from the classes.

  • You can drop off your kiddo and go run some errands in peace ;)



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