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We Throw the Best Active Birthday Parties - 5 Reasons Why

We Throw the Best Active Birthday Parties - 5 Reasons Why

Hot Ground Gym
We Throw the Best Active Birthday Parties - 5 Reasons Why

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Celebrating your child’s special day is usually an exciting time for them and a stressful time for the parents. It is important to make your birthday child feel as special as possible on their birthday, while still being able to enjoy the time yourself. An active birthday party is a great solution to the “traditional” birthday parties. An active birthday party will allow you to relax as your child and their guests run around and blow off steam. We have been hosting one of the best-rated active birthday parties in the Chicagoland area for the last 6 years. We have seen that the physical and mental exertion of the group bonds them together. They are always pumped up during and after the party. The experience that we offer for celebrating birthdays is one of a kind involving obstacle courses and team-building activities.

5 Reasons Why We Throw the Best Active Birthday Parties Around

  1. Engagement of Body and Mind
    We should take every opportunity to get our kids active and moving around, especially with other kids. Our active party is great for getting the wiggles out of any kid ages 6 and older. What's cool here is that your child and their friends will be getting a “workout” just progressing through the party, and they won’t really even realize it. This is because the kids will be so engaged in the event and absolutely amped up to see each other. So what the children preserve as fun, is really growing their gross motor skills, team cooperation, mental resilience, and confidence.
  2. Completely Instructor Led
    The event is completely instructor-guided by a professional HGG instructor, and usually is an Owner of HGG as well. This is a big point, you will never see a “high school or college kid” running your 100% private party, but instead, it will be hosted by the person who really cares about the experience for you and your child. The service you receive will prove this point, and our reputation speaks for itself.
  3. Indoor Obstacle Courses
    Your birthday child and their guests will run, climb, jump, swing, slide down ropes, and so much more. The indoor course we have constructed is one of a kind and was designed with the idea that it can be changed every week. Each week for our classes, our students get to experience a new course and skills training for that course. What’s cool here is that whoever is having their party that week will get to experience what we have conducted in our classes that week. Which is great for you and us. We have been practicing all week, teaching classes, and are ready for your party. And yes, who teaches the classes is the same team who will lead a birthday party for your child. 
  4. Team Building Challenges (Missions)
    What makes the experience we provide really special, is not just the obstacles, it is the missions we do with the kids. First we “break the ice”, then we get them running through obstacles, then once they are a little tired, we make them work together to complete an age-appropriate team challenge. Of course, since it is a birthday party, we definitely highlight the birthday child. Some missions may involve everyone else just assisting the bday child to complete the challenge. The point is, the bday child will feel special, and all the kids will work together to complete an interesting task ;)
  5. Cake Cutting Ceremony
    One of our favorite parts of the birthday party experience takes place after all the fun in the gym is done, it’s the cake cutting ceremony. Cutting the cake in a party, event, or ball is always a “big deal” in the military. Usually involving the oldest and youngest service member in attendance signifying the old and new generations coming together, and takes up to 30 minutes sometimes…. Anyway, cake cutting is special to us, and we love doing the ceremony for birthday children and their friends. We will give a little short speech, and then we assist the bday child in making the first cut in the cake. Then we usually (if you are ok with it) use the sword to finish cutting the cake for you. We use a different variety of Army and Marine Corps swords (that are sterilized prior of course) to conduct the cake cutting ceremony. It’s always a big hit and even better picture, this is why we keep doing it ;)

Consider making your child’s next birthday party, an active party. If you do, consider Hot Ground Gym as the venue of your choice, we promise we are a great choice. Almost 7 years now, we have been conducting parties for children ages 6 and up, and have made hundreds (if not more) families happy with the service they received on their child’s most special day of the year. We are eager to host your party this year!

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