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Things to Do in Arlington Heights, IL With Kids

Things to Do in Arlington Heights, IL With Kids

Hot Ground Gym
Things to Do in Arlington Heights, IL With Kids

It’s more important than ever to ensure kids enjoy a balanced lifestyle away from screens, incorporating creative play and physical activity. In the Arlington Heights area, activities for kids abound; whether it's go-karting or obstacle course fun at Hot Ground Gym, there’s something to suit kids of every age and interest. Take a look at these great kids activity ideas.

#5: Coding For Kids

Activities for Kids Near Arlington Heights

Kids learn how to code by building their own video games at Code Ninjas. heir flexible, extracurricular programs on weeknights and weekends improve problem-solving, critical thinking, and other STEM skills, in an inspiring learning environment modeled on play and experimentation. Coding has become an important skill for kids to harness, and what better way to acquire knowledge than by having fun?

#4: Rock 'n' Kids

Since 1995, Rock ‘n’ Kids have provided after school activities for young children in the form of dance and music appreciation classes. They focus on developing fine motor skills, creative play, listening skills, basic dance steps, and movements.

They offer several classes based on age and ability:

  • Tock Rock: 1-2 year-olds, with parental participation.
  • Kid Rock I: 2-3 year-olds, with parental participation.
  • Kid Rock II: 3-5 year-olds, without parental participation.
  • Kid Rock III: 1-5 year-olds, with parental participation. This class is suitable for siblings and older children not ready to be on their own.

Listening to and playing music provides many benefits for children that promote brain development and overall health and well-being. Improved math, language, higher self-esteem, stress relief, and increased creativity are some of the ways these instructive and stimulating classes aid development.

​​#3: Arrive & Drive Racing

Activities for Kids in Illinois

Indoor Karting is located in Buffalo Grove, near the Arlington Heights area, and offers indoor go-karting with all-electric powered karts. Their popular Arrive & Drive races are one of the best extracurricular activities for kids, allowing racers to participate during any day of the week at any time.

At each race, kids compete against the clock with 11 other drivers. The winner is determined by skill, strategy, and talent rather than track position. Every kart comes with a data logger that transmits times to a large display overlooking the track, allowing participants to keep track of their performance in real-time. This creates an immersive and immensely thrilling experience for kids.

While karts can achieve a top speed of 45mph, their power can be adjusted according to the needs and skills of novice and experienced drivers. Indoor Karting also offers race packages for groups of nine or more if you’re interested in organizing a group outing.

#2: Ball Factory

This indoor playground with a café provides kids up to 12-years-old with safe, clean, fun, and active play that keeps them moving. The Ball Factory has several designated play areas for kids to explore, including secure, gated toddler, and baby areas. Their ball blasting arena and mega blocks are incredibly popular and provide hours of entertainment for older kids.

#1 The Best Kids Activity in Arlington Heights According to Parents

Best Kids Activities in Arlington Heights

Hot Ground Gym offers some of the best activities for kids to keep them occupied and active after school. Suitable for children ages 5-14, our progressively structured classes and camps build character and fitness at the same time. We challenge kids to persevere and trust themselves, nurturing confidence as they accomplish kid-friendly individual and team-based tasks.

Our obstacle courses stimulate a variety of cognitive and physical skills in a safe and supervised environment, where children can make new friends and get fit. HGG’s adventure classes run every Tuesday to Saturday. Find out more and enroll your kids in a free trial class!