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Best Junior Sports Classes and Kids Activities in Libertyville, IL

Best Junior Sports Classes and Kids Activities in Libertyville, IL

Hot Ground Gym
Best Junior Sports Classes and Kids Activities in Libertyville, IL

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When kids join sports classes, they embark on a healthy lifestyle and learn indispensable life lessons. Libertyville, IL, offers many extracurricular kids classes to suit diverse interests and abilities.

At Hot Ground Gym, we offer obstacle-course-themed classes for kids ages 5 and above. Our kids’ classes stimulate the mind and get the body moving, which kids seem to love because it doesn’t feel like they’re being forced to play a sport.

Below are a couple more kids' sports classes that your children might enjoy!

Top 9 Libertyville Sports Classes for Kids

#1: Obstacle Courses at Hot Ground Gym

#1: Obstacle Courses at Hot Ground Gym

Looking for kids’ activities Libertyville, IL? Hot Ground Gym has recently opened a new center in Libertyville, providing the best classes for kids. Our obstacle-course-themed activities, inspired by military training, focus on character and team-building skills for children seven years old and up.

Parents appreciate these classes for developing focus and concentration, spatial awareness, and boosting the self-confidence and perseverance of their children. Hot Ground Gym's unique methodology, based on military training, blends learning, growth, adventure, and fun (we’ve hosted many an obstacle course birthday party too!)

Our safe indoor center provides kids with a healthy energy outlet and peer socializing opportunities. HGG’s fully supervised camps include circuit-based fitness activities, bridge building, obstacle courses, and more. There’s also ample opportunity for older kids to develop their leadership skills.

HGG's half or full-day camps are for children aged 7-14. Our camps will provide children a safe and fun environment to improve their sports skills throughout the fall. Whatever your child's needs or interests, our camps have something for everyone.

#2: Physical Training at Ultimate Ninja Classes

Ultimate Ninjas Libertyville offers physical training sessions based on the NBC TV hit show American Ninja Warrior. Their 55-minute obstacle classes are great for kids to build strength, endurance, and confidence and are appropriate for children ages six and up.

The classes help young ones improve balance, flexibility, agility, positive self-esteem, and body awareness, ranging from beginner to advanced and designed by American Ninja Warriors.

Kids can get out all their energy during classes, whether on a single obstacle or through a course. Classes take place from Mondays to Thursdays in the late afternoon and on Saturday mornings, with the first class for every kid being free.

#3: Swimming Classes at Foss Swim School

Over the last 30 years, Jon and Susan Foss have built a robust track record providing the best classes for kids who want to learn how to swim. They help children develop a love of swimming and water and make them safer. Foss Swim School “focuses on progression rather than arbitrary levels or classes.”

To ensure students get the best learning experience, classes at the beginner level feature a 3:1 student-teacher ratio. For those wanting more individualized attention, semi-private and private classes are available. Flexible payment plans are also possible for those taking once-a-week classes.

#4: Gymnastics and Tumbling Classes at Cheer Tumble

Libertyville Gymnastics Academy offers Cheer Tumble group classes for kids from 5 years old all the way through to high school. Their Cheer Tumble Program trains students from beginner to advanced, providing full-body kids’ workout classes with a particular emphasis on developing shoulder and core muscles.

The institution’s ethos is based on delivering a program of excellence and skill development, meaning students are only promoted to the next level once they’ve achieved all skills progressions. Their Cheer Tumble Program includes the US All-Star Federation for Cheer and Dance Teams (USASF), offering Tumbling levels 1-4 and following industry-standard safety rules and regulations.

Classes are organized in age groups, with options for children from 5 to 7 years old, 7 to 10 years old, and 11 years old to high school.

#5: Junior Tennis Programs at Lifestyle Athletic Club

#5: Junior Tennis Programs at Lifestyle Athletic Club

Libertyville’s Lifesport Athletic Club offers Junior Tennis Programs that help budding tennis players build technical and competitive skills while maximizing strength and match goals. They offer a range of team sports programs for juniors and high schoolers grouped according to age; Red Ball, Orange Ball, and Green Ball, as well as academics at each level.

Players begin by developing hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and swing technique. Then they progress to an intermediate level working on racket skills, consistency, and accuracy while learning how to score matches. At this stage, classes focus on proper footwork and technique, whereby games and drills prepare kids for competitive rallies.

In advanced kids’ sport classes, children are expected to have mastered basic techniques before they learn how to implement creative strategies during matches. Top achievers in these kids’ classes are invited to participate in USTA Tournaments. Free consultations are available if you’re unsure of your kid’s level. Classes occur at various times throughout the week, depending on your child’s level.

Adventure Awaits on Days Off

Adventure Awaits on Days Off

Make the most of days off from school at our exciting camps in Arlington Heights and Libertyville!

#6: Basketball Practice at Play Hard Hoops

Underpinned by strong teamwork and sportsmanship value, Play Hard Hoops teach kids of all ages how to play basketball. With weekly kids' sports classes, leagues, camps, and private lessons, it’s the perfect place for kids to learn how to play this sport and eventually enter leagues if they’re so inclined. Play Hard Hoops has kids’ classes for all experience levels.

#7: School-Break Camps at HI-Five

#7: School-Break Camps at HI-Five

Located in Vernon Hills, near Libertyville, Hi-Five’s School-Break Camps inspire children to develop a passion for sports and team spirit by exposing them to various sports in a fun and energized environment. Their indoor center ensures the continuation of day camps, no matter the weather.

With an underlying philosophy of preparing kids for healthier, more balanced lifestyles, their fully structured program includes dodgeball soccer, capture the flag, arts and crafts, and football classes, to name a few.

Their camps are open to children aged 5-10 and run from 9 am to 3 pm. Your kids will have the chance to make new friends, participate in fun activities, have positive sports experiences, and learn valuable life skills during their time at our camp.

#8: Play in the Park at the Mundelein Park & Recreation District

The Mundelein Park & Recreation District has over 650 season programs, including dancing, basketball, gymnastics, youth sports, tennis, swimming, art, fitness, day trail camps, and free events — there’s something for everyone!

There are even early development classes to nurture social, emotional, and physical growth through music and art-based kids’ activities in Libertyville, IL. Even if your child doesn’t sign up for a class, taking them to spend the day playing in over 735 acres of open space will provide plenty of exercise.

The exact dates and times of these activities will depend on the type and may vary, so please check with the provider to get exact hours and availability.

#9: Sports Training at Canlan Sports Complex

#9: Sports Training at Canlan Sports Complex

Canlan Sports Complex features 160,000+ square feet of activities that improve lives. The multi-purpose turf fields and courts offer opportunities to stay active, offering kids' sports classes in basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more.

Canlan Sports Libertyville is a popular Libertyville sports space for young children to cultivate their passion for sports and stay active through physical activity. It does not matter if your child is just starting to learn a sport or trying to improve their skills by taking sports classes for kids, camps, or leagues - Canlan Sports Libertyville is the place to be.

Experience the Thrill of Engaging Kids Fitness Classes in Illinois

Experience the Thrill of Engaging Kids Fitness Classes in Illinois

Embark on a journey of fitness and fun with our top-rated kids' activities in Libertyville, IL. Sign up today!

Top 6 Libertyville Activities for Kids

1. Libertyville Code Ninja Day Camp

Robotics, drone-making, 3D printing, and coding provide an unforgettable learning experience for kids aged 7 to 14 who love tech. Code Ninja’s half and full-day camps teach kids valuable tech skills and are a fun way to stretch their creativity and improve algorithmic thinking.

Code Ninja provides kids with hands-on experience with AI, and because most future professions will entail computers, it enhances the much-needed skill of digital literacy in a constructive environment designed to foster creativity.

2. Improve Playhouse Theater for Young Audiences

The Improv Playhouse Theatre for Young Audiences runs incredible theater kid camps and kids’ classes in acting, voice, choreography, and dance. These two-week camps and weekly classes are designed to stimulate creativity, cultivate discipline and commitment, and foster self-esteem.

Older kids are also given the opportunity to take on leadership positions and develop storytelling and world-building skills. These camps are for those who love to perform and want to develop their musical theater skills in a nurturing environment.

3. Talent Forum Dancing Classes

Talent Forum offers ballet, tap, and hip-hop classes for kids aged 3 to 7 years old that run for a full season from September to June. Kids new to dance also have an 8-week introductory program they can sign up for without committing to an entire season.

Kids develop body conditioning through fun routines to familiar childhood songs, as well as an appreciation for classical music. The rhythmic combinations of dance movements stimulate the brain, enhance expression, boost fitness, and encourage creativity, even if they’re just dancing for fun.

4. Dancenter North Summer Dance Camp

4. Dancenter North Summer Dance Camp

Dancenter North, located 14 minutes north of Libertyville in Gurnee, is a performing arts school that provides dance classes for 2-year-olds and up during the fall semester. Hip-hop, ballet, and creative movement classes are offered at convenient hours on weekdays, either in the mornings or afternoons.

This tailored dance syllabus promotes discipline, consistency, commitment, and hard work through physical movement and is ideal for those who may not be interested in sports classes for kids but still love to move.

5. Dance Academy of Libertyville

The Dance Academy unites experienced professionals in teaching, performing, and choreography. They specialize in working with children, carefully teaching and encouraging them along the way. With their collective expertise, they create a unified style and deliver the best quality of training.

The academy offers a variety of group and private training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary dancing. Classes are designed to be age-appropriate and challenge the student’s skill level while remaining fun and engaging.

6. The Joyful Gourmet

Other Libertyville activities include cooking classes for kids at The Joyful Gourmet. With fun and interactive classes, kids can explore new recipes, experiment with different ingredients and techniques, and develop their cooking skills.

Classes are tailored to individual skill levels, so everyone can participate and create delicious dishes. Their knowledgeable and experienced chefs provide a safe and welcoming environment and teach recipes that make cooking easier and more efficient. Let your child explore their culinary creativity at The Joyful Gourmet.

Enroll Your Child in Hot Ground Gym's Obstacle Courses!

Enroll Your Child in Hot Ground Gym's Obstacle Courses!

Let your child's potential shine through as obstacles and adventures in our Libertyville, IL facility. Sign up for an unforgettable experience!

Other Things to Do in Libertyville, IL, with Kids

#1 Visit Lake County Dunn Museum

At the Lake County Dunn Museum, kids can explore a variety of interesting exhibits. From fossils estimated to be 420 million years old, to a full-scale reproduction of a Native American wigwam, to an exhibit on the railroads and highways that brought a boom in the industry in the decades following the Civil War, the Dunn Museum has it all! Kids love learning about history, nature, and dinosaurs at the Lake County Dunn Museum!

#2 Feed Goats at Lambs Farm

#2 Feed Goats at Lambs Farm

Lambs Farm is an ideal spot for the whole family to enjoy, with a petting area featuring sheep and goats, plus a variety of attractions such as mini-golf, a mini-train ride, a cow bounce house, and an Old World carousel. Kids can get up close and personal with the animals, feeding and petting the lambs, and learning about farm life.

#3 Listen to Village Band Concerts

For more than 40 years, the Village Band, run entirely by volunteers, has given free public concerts in Cook Park. The band's performances include traditional patriotic selections, concert medleys, show tunes, light jazz, light classical music, and novelty pieces, all chosen to entertain the players and the audience. Additionally, the band holds a special concert with fireworks on July 4 at Butler Lake Park.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are so many fun things to do in Libertyville, IL.  Based on our current success in Arlington Heights and our previous success in Northbrook and Vernon Hills, Hot Ground Gym recently opened a new center in Libertyville that provides the best classes for kids.

Inspired by military training, our obstacle-course-themed activities and programs focus on character and team-building skills for kids seven and up. They’re also popular with parents because they develop focus and concentration, spatial awareness, and boost confidence and perseverance in children. Contact us to learn more about our adventure classes for kids.

Conquer Challenges with Hot Ground Gym's Obstacle Courses in Libertyville, IL

Conquer Challenges with Hot Ground Gym's Obstacle Courses in Libertyville, IL

Give your child the opportunity to build resilience, problem-solving skills, and physical fitness through our thrilling obstacle courses. Sign up!