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6 Best Obstacle Courses for Adults in Illinois

6 Best Obstacle Courses for Adults in Illinois

Hot Ground Gym
6 Best Obstacle Courses for Adults in Illinois

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Adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical exercise per week. For some, that’s via an app or online classes; for others, it’s running outside, attending a dance class, or going to the gym. Given there are so many ways to keep fit and healthy, there is no excuse not to get your body moving.

We’ve put together an awesome list of unique physical challenges for adults, including obstacle course places like Hot Ground Gym, that will add something a little different to your fitness routine.

#1. Obstacle Classes for Adults “Force Fit”

Hot Ground Gym’s adult fitness classes in Libertyville and Arlington Heights offer military-inspired obstacle course negotiation and unconventional functional training in a friendly and supportive environment. Facilitated by veterans and former first responders, these classes are a great way to meet new people and improve your fitness levels.

Each class is 60 minutes long and combines training on an adult obstacle course with challenging team-building activities. Our classes are perfect if you’re looking to build strength, get lean in a fun way, or your fitness regime feels too regimented, and you crave variety. Classes typically combine obstacle courses, functional fitness training, weight lifting, exercise integration, circuit courses, and “Target Practice” (hand-eye skills).

#2. Windy City Ninjas

The secret is out: Windy City Ninjas knows adults enjoy watching American Ninja Warriors as much as kids. Their fitness obstacle course classes expose participants to full-size obstacles and structured circuits for a body workout that improves strength, agility, and general fitness.

If you’re looking for challenging classes that offer more than a simple obstacle course for adults, Windy City Ninjas in Elmhurst or Chicago is a great alternative. Classes are specifically designed to overcome obstacles with increasing difficulty levels. As participants progress, they make it to the next course with new challenges.

Supercharge Your Child's Adventure

Supercharge your child's adventure with Hot Ground Gym's dynamic obstacle courses. Develop strength, agility, and teamwork skills while having a blast. Don't miss out - enroll today!

#3. Ninja Warrior Course

Sky Zone trampoline park offers a fantastic variety of trampoline classes ranging from dodgeball to jousting to freestyle jumping, and more! They believe in the power of play and even host the Ultimate Dodgeball Championship broadcast on ESPN2. Their wall-to-wall trampolines offer a one-of-a-kind aerial experience.

While more sports game-orientated and not strictly fitness classes for adults, the experience will provide a full-body workout. And, its social nature adds more fun. Sky Zone has a tiered membership program with numerous benefits so that you can jump at any time throughout the year!

#4. Functional Fitness & Obstacle Training

#4. Functional Fitness & Obstacle Training

ULTIFIT combines high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) with obstacle course training to reach peak fitness levels. Their group personal training can be modified to accommodate any fitness level and/or physical limitation, while their open gym sessions provide the opportunity to master workouts at your pace.

If you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness journey, you can join Push4Progress, a six-week program that offers unlimited access to all sessions, and open gym times, as well as an initial and final body assessment test to track your progress. ULTIFIT is also a partner of Ultimate Ninjas, offering classes in Chicago, Naperville, and Libertyville.

#5. Iron Coyote Challenge Park

The Iron Coyote Challenge Park provides a unique and alternative fitness program to private gyms. Its 20,000 sq/ft challenge park equipped with high ropes, ninja warrior-style obstacle courses, harnessed climbing walls, and a 60 ft zip line is where fun meets fitness.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday; the park offers general admission rates and monthly memberships, as well as team-building events and adult fitness classes. Purchasing a Ninja passport will give you access to more than 160 gyms worldwide and exclusive ninja gear discounts.

#6. Flipside Academy of Movement

This movement academy has physical challenges for adults in the form of parkour, Ninja Warrior obstacles, free running, flipping, and tumbling. Through mastering its adult obstacle course, you’ll test your body’s limits, and build muscle tone and strength.

Founder, Coach Paul, has over 30 years of experience coaching gymnastics, acrobatics, and general fitness. His understanding of movement and physical development ensures all academy goers improve their fitness levels at a healthy pace.


If you’re looking for flexible membership options with no obligation and the best all-around experience to improve your fitness levels, then Hot Ground Gym is a great option. We offer an indoor obstacle course for adults that’s part of our military-style fitness classes so that you can experience a variety of physical training exercises.

Based in Libertyville and Arlington Heights, our classes have helped many people achieve their fitness goals and improve their physical and general well-being. Our physical fitness circuits and obstacle course activities are highly interactive and energetic. Contact us to schedule your free trial class.

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