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Force Fit™ Military-Style Group Fitness Classes for Teens and Adults near Chicago

Force Fit™ Group Fitness Classes for Adults near Chicago

Hot Ground Gym’s Force-Fit is the premiere recreational group fitness class in the Arlington Heights and Libertyville areas. Our class is a one-of-a-kind experience which blends military-inspired workouts focusing on functional training, and entertaining cool-down activities that will make you smile and say "that really was fun".
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Adult Obstacle Courses & Group Fitness Training in Arlington Heights & Libertyville

Facilitated by veterans and former first responders in our military-inspired indoor obstacle course, HGG’s Force Fit™ recreational fitness group fitness class is an exceptionally interesting way to meet & connect with new people, learn & practice new skills, and get a great workout, in our super friendly & supportive environment. Our class is approximately 60 minutes, changes every session, combines conventional & unconventional functional fitness training with obstacle course negotiation, physical exercises, “target practice” (hand-eye-drills), and interesting teambuilding activities, all into the same awesome experience.
Who is our Force Fit™ Classes for Adults and Teens Best For?grean smear

Who is our Force Fit™ Adult Classes great For?

Our revolutionary teen and adult group fitness class is designed to satisfy a variety of different needs:
  • Parents looking for a "quick get-away" from adulting ;)
  • Avid group fitness enthusiasts. Love training? Come train with us!
  • Military and civil service preparation. Joining the service? Start with us, we’ll get you all set up!
  • Someone looking to get stronger and leaner in a fun way. Increase your fitness and lose weight with us!
  • Adding Force Fit™ to a current weekly fitness regiment. Your routine missing something or getting a little stale? Try adding us!
  • High school/college students looking for something new. Students, come train after school is done for the day, bring a friend or two as well. You and your buddies will have a blast!
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What Do Our Force Fit™ Classes for Adults Include?smear

What Do Our Force Fit™ Classes for Adults Include?

Hot Ground Gym’s Force-Fit class is designed to energize the body and mind through rugged but invigorating programming, which consists of the following:
  • Obstacle course running
  • Functional fitness training
  • Exercise integration
  • Weight lifting
  • Circuit courses
What Do Our Force Fit™ Classes for Adults Include?smear
  • Rope usage and climbing
  • Wall climbing
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Unconventional drills, movements, and tasks
  • “Target Practice” Hand-eye training activities that are a blast! Like knife and darts throwing. Ring and ball toss, grappling hooks, archery, and so much more!

Take a Look at Our Obstacle Course Activities for Adults

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Force Fit™ Adult Group Fitness Class

Customer Reviews

I cannot say enough about what the classes at HGG have done for my boy’s perseverance and patience and leadership qualities. And it’s a great workout too!
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Jill McEnery
My daughter has been attending Hot Ground Gym since January and we couldn't be happier. We love the physical workout she receives, but the teamwork, motivation, and practical skills are outstanding​. I love watching her and the other children excel and smile when they complete something that may have seemed too difficult moments before. All the coaches are professional and great with the kids. In short, they are the best! Our entire family highly recommends Hot Ground Gym.
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Denise P
Cannot say enough good things about this place. The staff are friendly - if I'm sitting waiting the ones that are not with kids come over and introduce themselves. My son loves the classes, he is beginning to show belief in his abilities and more confidence. Your kids will have a ball. Give it a shot!
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Emma F
Both of my boys love "working out" here once or twice a week. The instructors are wonderful and the sessions are very reasonably priced. A hidden gem during the winter!
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Geoff Geltner
"I LOVE THIS PLACE!" These are the first words quoted words by my two sons who spent a day actively running, climbing, going through obstacle courses, and working as a team with a whole group of kids they have never met before. It can be challenging to find activities that are safe, engaging, and age appropriate for two very active boys during no school days and it's too cold outside to enjoy nature. Hot Ground Gym in Arlington Heights was recommended to us by a friend and her son. After one full day of high energy fun, my sons (ages 10 and 8) are already planning ahead for their next days off of school and asking to be signed up at HGG. They raved about Sam, the manager, and how he's knowledgeable sharing safety lessons and tips to the kids. Knowing Sam has a background in being a first responder and an Army Veteran, I feel very secure dropping off my sons knowing that activities are planned with safety in mind. From a parent stand point, this is the highest compliment to HGG! They are choosing to climb, run, lift, partner up with kids they don't know, and accept challenges to physical activities instead of begging to play video games, go to the movies, or watch tv! They will be repeat attendees for sure and I know I won't hear any, "I don't want to go... " whining from them!
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Alena McCarthy
It is amazing to see what Sam and his team do every day for the kids. Every week they have a different concept / theme. My daughters self confidence has improved a lot. I love the way Sam pays attention to every kid in the class and pushes them to overcome their obstacles both physically and mentally.
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2022 Adult Fitness Classes Schedule

wednesdays - Fridays
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Force Fit™  
Pricing & Options

We offer flexible membership options for joining our “Force Fit™ Family” with no commitment needed. You can either attend class on a weekly basis, or come and go as you please.
full-day throwing knives
Weekly Recurring Membership
Cancel anytime with a one-month notice
Once a week
a month
Unlimited Attendance
a month
half-day darts session
Pre-Paid Session Passes
5 Session Pass
expires after 3 months
10 Session Pass
expires after 6 months


Do you offer discounts on Force Fit classes?

Absolutely! We do offer military and first-repsonder discounts on all of our services at Hot Ground Gym®.

What do I need to bring for training?

Comfortable workout clothing and shoes, a water source, and an open mind :)

Are your adult obstacle courses the same as Ninja classes for adults?

Not really, our indoor obstacle courses and fitness sessions are a wonderful experience to behold, but we would not call them a “Ninja Class”, we call them “Military-Style Fitness Classes” or “PT sessions”.

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