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Top 6 Kids Summer Day Camps near Libertyville, Il

Top 6 Kids Summer Day Camps near Libertyville, Il

Hot Ground Gym
Top 6 Kids Summer Day Camps near Libertyville, Il

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What is a day camp? Also called a summer camp, these are organized and supervised sporting and extracurricular programs designed to keep kids busy, healthy, and active during school breaks.

Summer camps provide children with a community of caring adults and like-minded kids who nurture experiential education that results in confidence, self-respect, and fun. Through healthy physical and mental challenges, kids develop sociability, adaptability, motivation, and optimism.

Experts in childhood development have long viewed summer camps as the opportunity for true participation in a community environment. And these benefits aren’t just for the kids — parents get a brief reprieve during the holidays too!

If you’re searching for a summer camp near Libertyville, then look no further than our top 5 list!

#1: Choose the Best Summer Day Camp for Your Child in Libertyville, IL

If your kids love physical activities, obstacle course challenges, and working as a team, they’ll enjoy Hot Ground Gym’s kids’ camp. This Libertyville day camp has a range of activities to keep children occupied half or full day. Run by military veterans, HGG’s summer camps are specially developed to build strength and character but are by no means a boot camp.

#2: Kids Science Labs' Summer Camps

#2: Kids Science Labs' Summer Camps

Suitable for kids between 4-12 years old, Kids Science Labs’ Summer Camps have an engaging, educational, and informational range of summer camps grouped into themes like medicine, space, biology, and engineering. At their state-of-the-art facilities, their hands-on programs help children discover, imagine, and create.

Kid Science Labs’ Summer Camps have amazing intellectual learning benefits. All programs instill confidence in the design and innovative skills and teach kids how to use creativity to enhance basic science understanding with real-world applications. Through collaboration and problem-solving, kids begin to see how science can be used to build a better world.

This summer camp has six themes:

  • What’s Inside Nearly Everything: Kids discover how everyday objects work and may partake in the electrical engineering of a real light bulb.
  • Spy Gadgets: Jedis vs. Spies Kids build complex projectile devices, lightsabers, and powered utility belts.
  • Space Camp & Planet Adventures: Campers create a Mars Rover device while learning about the solar system.
  • Med School for Kids: This camp may include a 1-day dissection, depending on the availability of materials.
  • Mysteries of Science: From making magnetic slime to transparent jelly, this experiment camp teaches kids science fundamentals.
  • I Can Make Anything: Kids safely take apart an old microwave, toaster, or telephone to learn how everyday objects work.

#3: Hi-Five Summer Camp

Perhaps your kids don’t like horses but love sports, in which case the Hi-Five Summer Camp offers a full menu of team sports for children from Pre-K to 3rd grade. At this summer sports camp, kids play hard, fair, and as a team. Safe and high-energy, Hi-Five Summer camp highlights the importance of team-building and camaraderie, more so than winning.

This camp’s fun, positive, and safe programs inspire young kids to develop a passion for team sports through their full and half-day programs. Children make new friends while exercising, developing leadership and collaborative skills. At its core, Hi-Five Summer Camp aims to prepare young ones for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Discover Adventure at Hot Ground Gym Camps!

Discover Adventure at Hot Ground Gym Camps!

Get ready for an epic summer at Hot Ground Gym Camps in Arlington Heights and Libertyville, IL! Register now and let your kid experience the excitement of obstacle courses, unlock teamwork potential, and embrace thrilling outdoor challenges!

#4: Palladia Farm Summer Camp

Open to students from 6-11 years old, Palladia Farm Summer Camp is an incredible all-around horse and pony experience for those who have experience or are new but interested in horse riding. While under careful supervision, beginner riders learn how to bridle a saddle on the horse, mount safely, and navigate the ring at a walk and trot.

More advanced students are taught how to recognize and treat common equine ailments, how to clean and assemble tack, and practice riding skills like trotting, cantering, and low jumps if appropriate. Each class is 30-45 minutes, either as a semi-private or group lesson with instructors.

Besides learning how to ride, children also discover more about horse breeds, colors, and different riding styles. Palladium farm also offers arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, and fun games around the barn. Camps usually run for several weeks throughout the summer and cost $600 per week-long session per camper.

Each session offers a low staff-to-camper ratio to allow kids to develop individual relationships with instructors and horses. Horse riding lets kids bond closely with animals, offering an incredible life experience that teaches them how to accept responsibility and care for animals. In addition, riding can assist with other aspects of learning and development like balance and coordination.

On a physical level, horse riding is an isometric exercise that requires kids to work their inner thighs, core, and pelvic muscles to stay balanced, which improves posture, flexibility, and muscle tone. Moreover, lifting equipment and grooming also contribute to building strong bodies.

#4: Palladia Farm Summer Camp

#5: Good Times Summer Day Camp

Good Times Summer Day Camp is a long-revered family-owned and operated camp offering swimming, field trips, sports, and art and crafts. Established in 1979, this diverse camp has everything from karaoke and public museums outings to medieval tournaments, bowling, aquatic center activities, and more.

Good Times prides itself on providing a safe and fun-filled environment with low camper to counselor ratios to maintain safety. All counselors undergo special training, including CPR and first aid, and possess college-level experience. Summer camp runs from June to August and costs $3,975. With an extensive program running over 5-weeks, Good Times Libertyville summer camp is bound to keep kids busy and entertained.

#6: Ultimate Ninjas Camps

Based on the hit show American Ninja Warrior, Ultimate Ninja Camps let kids tackle the same obstacles they’ve seen on TV. During their full and half-day camps, kids are coached on each obstacle and rotate between different stations before having an open play, where they have the opportunity to spend extra time on the ones they enjoy most.

While tumbling, jumping, climbing, running, and navigating their way through the course, they learn how to tackle multiple obstacles using strategy and physical prowess.  All sessions are led by American Ninja Warriors and designed to build self-confidence and challenge kids to exceed their expectations.

Ultimate Ninja Camps offer sessions in the morning and afternoon for kids between 6-14 years old. At this Libertyville day camp, kids are grouped by age, and there’s no limit on how often they may attend. Pricing starts at $45 for the first session of the week and $40 for each additional session. There is also a 20% discount for siblings.


Suitable for 5-14 year-olds and located in Libertyville and Arlington Heights, Hot Ground Gym’s obstacle-based fitness camp also offers a Small Unit Leadership program to help older kids develop essential leadership skills. Some of HGG’s camp activities include dart throwing, bridge-buildings, adventure rope activities, and, of course, obstacle courses. Contact us and find out more about our summer day camp!

Ignite Your Summer at Hot Ground Gym Camps!

Get ready for an unforgettable summer at Hot Ground Gym Camps in Arlington Heights and Libertyville, IL!  Don't miss out on this action-packed camp experience - enroll today!