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Top 9 Kids Summer Camps Near Chicago: 2024 Guide

Top 9 Kids Summer Camps Near Chicago: 2024 Guide

Hot Ground Gym
Top 9 Kids Summer Camps Near Chicago: 2024 Guide

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Summer is approaching quickly, and parents are on the lookout for the best summer camps for kids near Chicago so that their kids have a season filled with unforgettable memories. Chicago offers a diverse range of summer camp options, from traditional day camps to specialty camps, ensuring there's something for every child's interests and age group. Here, we'll explore some of the top summer camp options to help you plan a summer of fun, learning, and personal growth for your child.

Sports Camps for Kids

#1. Hot Ground Gym

Hot Ground Gym Summer Camp is an action-packed camp designed to keep kids active and engaged all summer long. With locations in Libertyville and Arlington Heights, this camp offers a variety of programs suitable for children aged 6 to 14. From obstacle courses and team challenges to arts and crafts, Hot Ground Gym provides a well-rounded experience that focuses on physical fitness, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills. As teams are military veterans and former first responders, you can rest assured that this will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Campers can choose from full-day and half-day options, with extended care available for added convenience. The camp runs throughout the summer, so you can choose the dates that work best for your family.

Dates: Each summer week since 6/10, from Monday to Friday, 8 AM — 4 PM (extended care hours: 7-8 AM — 4-5:30 PM)


#2. The Forge Park

#2. The Forge Park

The Forge Park offers a unique summer camp experience that focuses on outdoor adventures and nature exploration. Located in Lemont, Illinois, this camp is perfect for kids aged 3 to 14 (the age of participants depends on the program) who want to disconnect from screens and connect with nature. Activities include hiking, wildlife observation, and nature crafts, all in a safe and supportive environment.

Address: Lemont Quarries, 227 Heritage Quarries Dr Lemont, IL, 60439

#3. West Loop Soccer Club

West Loop Soccer Club offers an exciting summer camp experience for young soccer enthusiasts in Chicago. This camp provides children aged 5 to 18 the opportunity to develop their soccer skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Campers can engage in skill-building exercises, practice drills, and friendly matches, all within a supportive and energetic atmosphere.

Whether your child is a seasoned player or just starting their soccer journey, this camp aims to enhance their abilities and foster a love for the sport. With various camp dates and flexible scheduling options, parents can choose the program that’s best for their child and skill level.


  • 1330 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642
  • 1331 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60607
  • 62 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60605
  • 161 W 9th St, Chicago, IL 60605

Want to Make This Summer Unforgettable for Your Child?

Dive into fun with Hot Ground Gym's summer camp!

Art Camps for Kids

#1. The Paintbrush

If your child is passionate about the arts, The Paintbrush offers an exceptional summer camp experience. Located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, this camp focuses on visual arts and provides opportunities for kids aged 4 to 10 to explore painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media. The Paintbrush fosters creativity and self-expression so that young artists can unleash their inner creativity. Camp sessions run throughout the summer so parents have flexibility in scheduling.

Address: 2446 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

#2. Music Theater Works

#2. Music Theater Works

If your child dreams of the stage, Music Theater Works' YouthReach program is a Chicago summer camp tailored for kids aged 8 to 18 with a passion for musical theater. Located in Evanston, this camp provides campers with unforgettable summer fun while honing their singing, acting, and dancing skills. The camp's dedication to fostering creativity, confidence, and teamwork ensures that children shine on stage, preparing for a grand showcase performance.

Address: 516 4th Street Wilmette, IL 60091

#3. The Irish Music School

The Irish Music School's Irish Arts Kids Day Camp offers a unique and culturally enriching summer camp experience for children interested in exploring the vibrant world of Irish arts and music. This camp is open to kids aged 4 to 11 who want to immerse themselves in Irish culture through music, dance, and art. Campers have the opportunity to learn traditional Irish instruments like the tin whistle and bodhrán, participate in lively Irish dance sessions, and create beautiful Irish-inspired art.

Address: 4626 N Knox Ave, Chicago, IL 60630 

Science Camps for Kids

#1. Museum of Science and Industry (MSI)

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago offers a range of engaging summer camps for kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). These camps are designed for various age groups: K–1, 2–3, 3–5, 4–6, 6–9, and 7–12, and cover a wide spectrum of interests, from maker and engineering activities to interdisciplinary activities that bridge science, art, and engineering. MSI provides both single- and multi-day camps so that there's something for every young scientist and engineer.

Address: 5700 S. DuSable Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60637

#2. Morton Arboretum

#2. Morton Arboretum

The Morton Arboretum offers summer science camps that immerse children in the natural world through interactive outdoor adventures. Located on 1,700 acres of trees, the Arboretum provides a perfect setting for kids to unlock their imagination and curiosity about nature. The camps cater to different age groups, from prekindergarten to eighth grade, and cover a variety of themes, such as animal movements, plant life cycles, and the science behind mud and water. Each camp is designed to encourage children to observe, guess, test, and explore their surroundings in a fun-filled outdoor lab adventure.

Address: 4100 Illinois Route 53, Lisle, IL 60532

#3. Kids Science Labs

Kids Science Labs offers an enriching summer camp experience for young aspiring scientists in Chicago. With a focus on hands-on experimentation and exploration, their summer camps provide children with the opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of science. From chemistry and physics to biology and engineering, campers aged 4 to 12 can engage in a wide range of STEM activities that spark curiosity and ignite a passion for learning. With experienced instructors and well-equipped labs, Kids Science Labs ensures a safe and educational environment where kids can unleash their inner scientists.


  • 1801 S. Indiana (3rd Floor), Chicago, IL 60616
  • 840 Willow Road Suite A, Northbrook, IL 60062
  • 3342 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

Make Your Kid's Summer Break the Best with Hot Ground Gym!

As you plan your child's summer adventures, consider their interests and age when choosing from these incredible summer camp options near Chicago. At Hot Ground Gym, we understand that summer is a precious time for personal growth, forming new friendships, and creating unforgettable memories. Our dedicated coaches foster an environment where children can enhance their physical abilities, build confidence, and learn the importance of teamwork.

Make this summer truly special with Hot Ground Gym and watch your child return to school in the fall with not only new skills but also cherished memories that’ll last a lifetime. Reach out to us for a summer of fun, learning, and growth!