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10 Best Kids Spring Break Camps in North Chicago

10 Best Kids Spring Break Camps in North Chicago

Hot Ground Gym
10 Best Kids Spring Break Camps in North Chicago

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Looking for the best kids' spring break camps in North Chicago? Look no further! In this curated list, we've rounded up the 10 best spring break camps that North Chicago has to offer. Whether your child is interested in gameplay, science, art, coding, or simply seeking some outdoor adventure, we've got you covered. Discover the ideal camp that suits your child's interests and ensures they have an unforgettable and enriching spring break experience right here in North Chicago.

1. Hot Ground Gym

1. Hot Ground Gym

Locations: 1950 US-45 in Libertyville, IL, and 8 W College Dr # A in Arlington Heights, IL

Hot Ground Gym, with locations at 1950 US-45 in Libertyville, IL, and 8 W College Dr # A in Arlington Heights, IL, offers action-packed spring break camps for kids in both Arlington Heights and Libertyville. With an array of lively obstacle courses, entertaining games, and engaging team-building missions, Hot Ground Gym provides an exciting and interactive experience for children. The camps are designed to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and personal growth in a fun and supportive environment. Join Hot Ground Gym's spring break camps for an adventure-filled experience that will leave lasting memories.

2. Kids Science Labs

Location: 1500 N Kingsbury St Chicago, IL 60642

Kids Science Labs is the perfect destination for hands-on science education for children aged 2-12. Offering everyday classes, their curriculum focuses on problem-solving, creative design, and engaging children in discovering answers through hands-on experiments. Each class starts with a question posed by a curious kid, and the instructors utilize interactive science activities to facilitate learning. Don't forget to check out their exciting spring break camp for an immersive and educational experience.

3. The Goddard School

3. The Goddard School

Location: 776 W Quincy St Chicago, IL 60661

The Goddard School in the West Loop provides exceptional childcare services for infants, toddlers, and pre-K children. Their programs are thoughtfully crafted to foster each child's curiosity in a safe and nurturing environment. With a focus on age-appropriate activities and developmentally appropriate learning, The Goddard School ensures that children thrive and grow. Be sure to explore their exciting spring break camp for a fun and enriching experience for kids.

4. Blazing Star School

Location: Chicago, IL 60618, Irving Park

Blazing Star School offers a unique child-led learning experience in a small group setting. With a focus on homeschooling and spring break camps, their programs provide fun and hands-on learning opportunities for children. Blazing Star School creates an engaging environment where kids can explore various subjects and interests at their own pace. Don't miss out on their exciting spring break camps designed to inspire and educate kids in an interactive and enjoyable way.

5. State of Illinois Child Development Center

Location: 160 N LaSalle St Ste N201 Chicago, IL 60601

The State of Illinois Child Development Center is a reputable NAEYC Accredited Center. Along with being a State PreK, they offer a range of programs for children aged 2 to 5 years old, throughout the year. With 5 classrooms dedicated to creating a nurturing learning environment, your child will receive quality education and care. Additionally, be sure to explore their engaging spring break camp for kids that provides a blend of educational and fun activities during the break.

Embrace the Thrill at Hot Ground Gym Camps!

Embrace the Thrill at Hot Ground Gym Camps!

Embrace the thrill of Hot Ground Gym Camps! Conquer obstacles, strengthen teamwork, and embark on adventures. Don't wait - register now for an epic summer!

6. Kids Clay Room

Location: 2646 N Halsted St Chicago, IL 60614

Kids Clay Room offers an exciting opportunity for children to explore the world of clay and create unique ceramic pieces. Through hands-on activities, children will learn and practice wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques to bring their artistic visions to life. Whether it's molding clay on the potter's wheel or shaping it by hand, Kids Clay Room provides a fun and engaging experience for kids. Don't miss out on their spring break camps, where children can further develop their skills and unleash their creativity in a supportive and inspiring environment.

7. Kids STEM Studio

Location: 770 W Gladys Ave Chicago, IL 60661

Kids STEM Studio offers a dynamic workshop for kids aged 3 to 14, incorporating cutting-edge technologies. Through engaging activities, students will have the opportunity to build engineering models, design and code computer games, construct and program robots, and create stop motion animations. These hands-on experiences allow kids to explore science, technology, and engineering concepts in a fun and interactive way. Don't miss their exciting spring break camp, where children can further delve into STEM disciplines and unleash their creativity.

8. Digital Adventures in Lincoln Park

8. Digital Adventures in Lincoln Park

Location: 701 W Armitage Chicago, IL 60614

Digital Adventures in Lincoln Park operates every day to provide students with the opportunity to develop essential 21st-century computer coding and engineering skills. With a focus on problem-solving and making an impact in our digitally-driven world, their dedicated team teaches kids a range of valuable skills. From constructing robots and modeling structures in 3D to building mobile applications and websites, creating virtual reality worlds, designing video games, hacking Minecraft, and making movies, Digital Adventures offers a comprehensive learning experience. Don't miss out on their exciting spring break camp, where kids can further enhance their digital skills and explore their creativity.

9. The Laboratory Collective

Location: 2349 W N Ave Chicago, IL 60647

The Laboratory Collective offers a range of unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) classes, camps, and parties designed to make learning fun. Children aged 2 to 12 can embark on interactive STEAM adventures, from traveling to Hogwarts to building robots, making bath bombs, or training dragons using principles of chemistry and engineering. These engaging classes are developed and taught by a team of experts, including a PhD Neuroscientist and National Board Certified Teachers. Be sure to check out their exciting spring break camps, where kids can indulge in educational and entertaining activities that spark their curiosity and imagination.

10. Brickton Art Center

Location: 100 S Western Park Ridge, IL 60068

Brickton Art Center is an excellent destination for children to explore their natural creativity in a welcoming environment. Kids can unleash their artistic potential and get messy in the name of art, without the worry of making a mess in their own homes. In addition to their spring break camps for kids in the Chicagoland area, Brickton Art Center also offers adult and teen classes. It's a fantastic opportunity for moms to get out of the house, enjoy a glass of wine, and create their own artistic masterpieces. Embrace the artistic side of your family at Brickton Art Center this spring break!

Grow Strong This Spring at Camp

Grow Strong This Spring at Camp

Tumble, climb, jump, and swing into warmer weather with our spring camps that get your kids moving and engaged!


North Chicago offers a diverse range of spring break camps that cater to every child's passion and curiosity. Whether your little one dreams of becoming a scientist, artist, coder, or adventurer, there's a camp that's a perfect fit. Don't miss out on the exhilarating spring break camps and team-building missions at Hot Ground Gym. Make this spring break a memorable one by enrolling your child in one of these fantastic camps. For more information and to book your spot, reach out to us today. Your child's unforgettable spring break adventure awaits!