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How to Find the Right Summer Camp for Kids: 6 Tips

How to Find the Right Summer Camp for Kids: 6 Tips

Hot Ground Gym
How to Find the Right Summer Camp for Kids: 6 Tips

Whether it involves creating lifelong relationships with other theater lovers, splashing in the lake with new camp friends, or learning new skills in a different environment, a summer camp experience is often a cherished part of childhood.

However, for parents, this experience comes with an essential question: “how to choose a summer camp that your children will love and help them grow” Here are six tips that can help you find the perfect summer camp.

#1 Make a List of Yours and Your Child’s Goals

Each child is different: what may seem like a dream come true for one could be a nightmare for another. Taking the kids’ perspectives into account is essential if you want them to enjoy their camp experience.

When choosing a summer camp, start by asking the main party what they want to do. For example, would they enjoy an active summer camp where they can burn some energy while playing with friends, or would they prefer fun STEM-based activities? As a parent, you likely have an idea of their answer, but they may surprise you!

#2 Consider Your Child’s Personality

summer camp activities

You are the best judge of your child’s character, but summer camp is a unique opportunity to grow and get out of their comfort zone. When preparing your child for summer camp, work with them on a list of goals and objectives they have for themselves and suggest some things they could work on.

For example, even if your child is not sport-minded, introducing some form of regular physical exercise is essential to both their physical and mental health. Choosing a summer camp with lots of fun activities is the perfect occasion to try new things and maybe discover a new passion.

#3 Keep Your Budget in Mind

Summer camp cost is a big concern for most parents since they can rapidly be expensive, especially if you have more than one child or need access to activities for the entire summer. Parents should also be mindful of what is included in the fee and if there are any extra costs for accommodation, transportation, meals, or specific activities, for example.

If you find the perfect summer camp, but it seems out of your budget, it is worth asking if they offer financing assistance, programs, or scholarships, especially if you have a limited income.

#4 Choose a Camp with Many Activities

camp schedule

Children get bored quickly. Therefore, if you are wondering how to pick a summer camp that can keep your kid entertained and looking forward to going back the next day, choose one that offers a wide range of activities that stimulate their bodies and minds. Being around new camp friends can also give them the confidence to try something new that they are just discovering or that they have wanted to try for a long time but haven’t had the opportunity to do yet.

With classes ranging from obstacle courses to leadership development, Hot Ground Gym is ideal for children with a short attention span or always looking forward to a new challenge.

#5 Choose a Camp Location

Although sleep-away camps are a unique experience, most summer camps are day camps, where campers get home every evening. You may have worked out a routine to include school drop-off and pick-up during the school year, but accommodating the camp schedule can throw a wrench in your plans. Depending on your situation— especially if you are a working parent – location factors weigh heavily when figuring out how to find a good summer camp.

With locations in both Libertyville and Arlington Heights,  Hot Ground Gym provides summer camp activities for kids near you.

#6 Look into The Camp’s Safety

list of goals

Last but not least, choosing a summer camp should involve taking an in-depth look at the camp’s health and safety standards. Do not hesitate to investigate the age of the camp safety equipment, ask about the number of instructors and assistants per child, and if supervisors have received some form of mandatory safety training such as CPR and first-aid classes.

Do not hesitate to visit the facilities if possible, especially when classes are running, so you can have a first-hand experience of camp safety. Online reviews from previous campers can be a precious source of information about how security is handled so your children can have a fun summer without being at risk of getting injured.


If you are wondering how to pick a summer camp, start by taking your child’s personality and tastes into account. The right summer camp should engage their body and mind with enough camp activities to keep them entertained. Finally, parents need to consider the logistics, such as location factors, summer camp costs, and health and safety standards.

Contact us today to learn more about our fun summer camp opportunities in northern Chicagoland.