I recommend everyone trying as it fits for everyone!!

I am a fitness fanatic! New to the suburbs I was looking for the right fit for myself and my goals after having my second child. First goal in mind is to loose the baby weight. I had a couple of places I was going to choose from. I wanted something that was out of the norm of just fitness classes and weights. I wanted variety and to be challenged. I narrowed my search down to two places. I was pretty convinced I was going to join the first one I tried as I thought it had what I wanted, until I tried Hot Ground. After my first workout with Hot Ground I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband all about it! This is the one!! Not to mention they have competitive pricing which is a bonus!

I can’t say enough about it. It is the perfect balance of cardio and weights along with feeling challenged everyday. Everyday is a different workout. Hot Ground creates workouts with a great mix of running, weights, combat training, martial arts and obstacle courses. I would call this an adult playground! I have now been a member for 2 months and am so thankful for Paul and Doug whom created this fitness concept. It’s like everything I love to do all in one. I recommend everyone trying as it fits for everyone!!

Whitney D. - Chicago, IL