Fun, exciting, team building activities and obstacle course negotiation.

Designed to build bonding experiences, cooperation, confidence, and leadership, while learning better communication and task execution under physical and mental challenges.

Our team building event is a hands on experience that is entirely instructor guided. We utilize our “5 Pillars of Confidence™”, that include obstacle course fitness, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and discipline. This type of activity is great for sports teams, non-profit organization, ROTC programs or a fun activity with your group of friends that want to create a stronger bond and long lasting memories.

Your event will begin with a powerful opening from our instructors that will establish a teamwork mindset. Then your group will progress to a collective warm up followed by a series of introductory activities that are fast paced and highly interactive.

After the first portion of the event we will switch gears and move in to the next “level” of the event. During this portion your team will begin execute missions that design to challenge your team physically and mentally.

Our team-building missions focus to develop adaptability, communication, leadership, a sense of urgency and problem solving.

Our team of instructors constantly monitor the progress and the intensity level of the activities. We will adjust the intensity as needed based on the group capabilities.



Hot Ground Gym® is proud to offer mobile obstacle course events that go way beyond obstacles. Our events build bonding experiences, encourage cooperation and develop confidence. This is a true production of fun, excitement and memorable life experience.

Every event can be customized to meet the needs of your organization, Whether it’s 50 or 5000 participants. Our fleet and its instructors are ready to be deployed anywhere anytime for a production of a lifetime experience.

TEAM BUILDING School Assemblies

Bring the adventure to your school. Fun obstacle courses and self discovery journey through unique team-building activities.

Our passion lies in developing children so that they can discover their full potential while learning life skills. We understand how difficult it is to engage students in learning. Here at Hot Ground Gym® we have developed the ultimate educational and entertaining experience that maximizes child engagement.

Our assembly option is uniquely combining obstacle course negotiation skills and team-building activities. Our cadre of instructors consists of military veterans and First responderes. These are true, real life superheroes, who inspire children to become great people by making the right choices in life.

These assemblies are highly structured and entirely instructor guided. To make these events We utilize our “5 Pillars of Confidence™”, that include obstacle course fitness, teamwork, problem solving, discipline and leadership.

Obstacle Course Races

Hot Ground Gym® is proud to be one of the first companies in the U.S to offer true private Obstacle Course Races for schools, non-profit organizations, fundraisers and local communities. All of our obstacles are designed to be fun and challenging for kids and adults.

Our creative team will make sure that your event will be remembered for a long time. We have several obstacle course race options that will meet your organization budget and logistics capabilities.

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