Looking for a summer camp for kids in Northbrook? Without a doubt, we at Hot Ground Gym have created one of the most fun and exciting day camps in the area!

Of course, that’s easy for us to say, so we’d better back it up. Our kids’ summer camp covers pretty much all the bases when it comes to what kids and parents are looking for. Let’s take a look at what it offers.

Physical Activities

We don’t have to tell you that most kids today aren’t getting enough exercise. Sometimes it leads to weight gain, other times it leads to a simple lack of energy. If you’re tired of watching your kid sit on the couch and not get outside enough, our Northbrook summer camp is perfect for both you and them!

Whether we’re indoors at our kids’ gym or outdoors getting some Vitamin D, there will always be some physically-active fun activity going on every day.

Fun Games

Without a doubt, there’s something special for your child to look forward to every time you drop them off at our day camp. We’ll have fun games ready for them, whether they’re traditional sports or obstacle courses. The cool thing is that these can happen indoors or outdoors, and there will be such variety during the summer that everyone will be able to shine, even if they’re not much into sports.


The problem with most kids’ summer camps is that they’re either all physical (think sports camps) or all mental (chess camps). Our camp is much more about a combination of the two. Yes, we’re going to get the kids up and moving, but they’re also going to be doing a whole lot of critical thinking. Our Daily Missions are a good example of when these two come together, as kids are giving a limited amount of materials and have to use their brains to find the best way to make use of their brawn as they move items from one location to another.


One of the most important parts of our kids camp is the focus on leadership. After all, it’s called the Leadership Summer Camp, and that’s because we are so focused on the leadership aspect of it.

Now that doesn’t mean that every kid has to be a leader before they get here. It means that every child, boy or girl, gets the chance to be a leader to see how they wear the roll. We know that leadership can mean many different things, and we want each child to discover how they can best lead.

Team Building

The world needs leaders, but without a good team to lead there’s really no point. Our summer camp helps kids understand the importance of team building and the role each person can play on a team. Not only will they form a team, but they’ll also make lifelong friends.

Those certainly aren’t the only positive aspects of Hot Grounds Gym’s Leadership Summer Camp, but they are some of the most important. Next week we’ll take a deeper look at some of the activities, but if you’re ready to sign up your Northbrook child, check out the application right here! It all starts June 12!