When it comes to most summer camps, you know exactly what you’re getting. Football camp? It’s pretty much all football. Swimming lessons? Mostly time in the water. Computer camp? Lots of code.

So when we say that ours is a leadership summer camp, it might not be immediately obvious what’s going to go on. That’s why we’re back to let you know about the many activities that can occur at our kids’ summer camp in Northbrook.

Indoor Obstacle Course

The Leadership Summer Camp we offer has grown from our core business, Hot Ground Gym. Hot ground gym is our kids’ gym that offers children year-round exercise options, whether they’re in for our Junior Boot exercise program or a kids’ birthday party. Our gym is constructed and modeled after the American Ninja Warrior program on NBC, providing an obstacle course like no other. During our day camps, this gym can play an important part in our activities.

Survival Skills

While the survival skills we teach kids might not be able to help the get through a month in the jungle, we can relay some skills that would help them through some of the most probable circumstance that might put them in danger during their lifetime.


Hiking is a great way to get exercise. Not only does it get the kids fresh air, but it also gives them something interesting to see as they’re moving.

Outdoor Exploring

While there can certainly be outdoor exploring during the hiking, sometimes it’s a good idea to stop and investigate the landscape. We’ll take a look at the terrain and sights, but also the plants and trees that grow there as well.


Speaking of hiking and outdoor exploring, we’ll also teach the kids the basics of orienteering. This is a good skill to have if you ever find yourself in unfamiliar territory with just a map and a compass. We’ll instruct kids on the basics of using these tools in order to find their way in a place they might not be familiar with.

First Aid

Fewer kids are participating in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, meaning that many of them aren’t getting the first aid training that could help them for a lifetime. We’ll go over basic first aid so that kids will be ready to help if they’re ever hurt in the woods.

Daily Missions

Daily missions are one of the most important aspects of the Leadership Summer Camp. It brings kids together to work as a team, teaching them the best of leadership skills and following skills. They’ll be given a mission and must use their minds and bodies to find the most efficient way to fulfill the necessary goals.

Beach Days

Why not spend some time out at the beach? After all, it’s summer vacation!

That’s far from all we’ll be doing, and will be back soon to tell you more about what goes on during our summer camp for kids here in Northbrook. If you’d like to take a look at the rates or want to read more about our camp, click here. Camp starts June 12!