dreamstime_l_15008355If you’ve only got five seconds to ready this blog, let’s answer the question right away.

YES, the Hot Ground summer camp is an excellent day camp experience for girls!

Okay, now that we’ve answered the question, here are a few follow-up explanations as to why we know that girls will have just as much fun as the boys do.

Girls will be put in control: When there are mixed groups of boys and girls, all too often the boys become the “default” leaders. That’s not something we like to encourage here at our Leadership summer camp. At times throughout the challenges, everyone will be in a leadership position, an experience that some children have never had before. We make sure that everyone is respected whether they are in control or following instructions.

Girls aren’t as squeamish as they’re told to be: On the playground after a rainstorm, a single girl in a group will usually say something about the gross worms that have been flushed out of their holes. Most girls will agree, because all too often they’ve been taught to avoid such things. But there’s always that girl who will be picking them up and putting them back in the grass, and we’ve found that once girls are away from a group that tells them “don’t,” they start to “do.” They experience nature, get their hands dirty, and start to explore the great Illinois outdoors that they’ve all too often been told to avoid.

Everybody cooks, everybody cleans: At our day camp we encourage leadership, but we also insist on everyone serving as well. The boys and girls will be on equal footing when it comes to food time, learning to respect each other (and thank each other) as they break the traditional gender roles.

We want to encourage strength and leadership in girls in the Northbrook area, and have passed this desire on to every leader we have. This makes the Hot Ground Gym Leadership Summer Camp an excellent experience for boys and girls alike. Check out the signup form here!