If you want to make your child’s birthday party as memorable as possible, nothing beats what you’ll find at Hot Ground Gym®.

All our birthday parties are private events. The entire facility and its team is dedicated to making your child’s party special and memorable.

You and your guests will be welcomed by our friendly team of instructors that will immediately work with you to get settled in.

Party structure:

  1. Your 90 minute private party consists of 60 minutes of instructor guided activities, and 30 minutes reserved for eating food and cake if so desired.
  2. Our 60 minute activity portion consists of instructor guided obstacle courses and creative team building activities that we call “Missions”. Our team building missions incorporate cooperation, problem solving, and confidence development.
  3. After the conclusion of the mission, it is time for cake and/or food! We reserve the final 30 minutes of your party for the children to sit comfortably and eat food if desired. Then it is time to sing the birthday song and cut the cake. We will have your birthday child cut the cake with a military sword!!
  4. After food and cake is eaten there will be a group photo, birthday conclusion from the instructors and a final obstacle course or mission if time permits.

What’s included?

  • 100% private event. Only you and your guests.
  • Table set-up is included! You’ll get a table with napkins, utensils, a tablecloth, and plates.
  • No extra fees if you choose to bring outside food.
  • 90-minute long parties; the perfect length for kids and parents.
  • Dedicated team that will take care of you and your guests by providing a superior customer care.

Why choose us?

  • We have been voted as best active birthday party in the Chicagoland area.
  • Every aspect of the party is guided and instructed by our amazing instructors.
  • Bring in your Birthday cake, drinks, and food at free of charge.
  • The most unique kids birthday ever invented, we combine fun obstacles courses, team building activities and confidence development.
  • Our team of handpicked instructors consists of military veterans and first responders, that are dedicated to provide the most fun, inspiring and memorable experience you can only find at Hot Ground Gym®.
  • No one will be left behind. Everyone encouraged to help each other not to compete with each other.
  • Birthday boy or a girl will cut the cake with a real saber.
  • Our parties are highly structured and we cultivate respectful behavior.