c8_resizedWhether they’re enjoying our mobile Go Obstacle challenges or our Junior Boots™ fitness program, kids will love the obstacle courses provided by Hot Ground Gym. At first the idea of an obstacle course might seem counter-intuitive; humans love to take the path of least resistance, and choosing to put obstacles in the way of kids would seem like something they’d hate.

Instead, they love it! Our kids’ gym has been specifically built to put obstacles in the way of children, and yet they love to fly through our indoor and outdoor obstacle courses. Why are they so popular? It speaks to their human nature, and to the ways that they choose to surmount those challenges. Here are a few reasons they love our kids’ fitness programs at Hot Ground Gym.

Humans Need Challenges

Humans of every size, shape, and age need challenges. Without challenges, our minds and bodies atrophy. We need that feeling of accomplishment in our lives, and Hot Ground Gym gives kids the opportunity to work through these challenges in a safe, friendly, encouraging environment.

All of us have our breaking points, of course, where the challenge becomes too much. We make sure that our kids’ activities never make kids feel like failures, all the while supporting them so that they feel that they’ll be able to accomplish the activity the next time they attempt it.

Friendly Competition

Obstacle course 1Our kids’ fitness programs can accommodate children of many ages, from Kindergarten through 8th grade in three separate groups. Often kids in the same program will get competitive, and that’s okay. After all, every sport has a certain level of competition, and moving throughout obstacle course is no exception. Still, we encourage children to get better at everything they do; we encourage them to encourage each other. We foster a great balance of competition and encouragement so that everyone is doing his or her best.

It’s Play

Kids have been crawling over logs and climbing trees for as long as there have been kids. While the kids’ activities at Hot Ground Gym can be challenging, it can also serve as a playground for them. A challenging playground to be sure, but one they’ll certainly enjoy!

Our obstacle courses are a great way for kids to better themselves physically and mentally. If your child would like to have a great time with kids of a similar age, contact Hot Ground Gym today!