At Hot Ground Gym in Arlington Heights, we take seriously the development of your children. Something that makes us stand apart from a lot of other kids gyms and general approaches to kids fitness is that we care about the holistic health of our children. When we say “holistic” here, what we mean is health as a whole. Too often it’s the case that kids gyms will focus exclusively (or at least primarily) on the physical fitness of kids. Of course, physical fitness is absolutely essential to healthy living. But it’s only part of the equation.

Hot Ground Gym in Arlington Heights does more than focus exclusively on physical health. We care about the entire lives of our kids, and this very much includes the physical as well as the mental. If one of these is neglected, then the other suffers. True health and fitness come from a balanced approach to the physical and mental. Indeed, we believe in this so much that it led to the development of our 3 PRONGED APPROACH™ (3PA) to fitness, which involves physical, mental, and character development.

As a kids gym that is focused on physical, mental, and character development, one of our main goals is to instill in children a strong sense of confidence that will allow them to become effective lifelong leaders. So, let’s take a look at how we approach the development of leadership skills in our children.

Hands-On Experience

The ability to be a competent and confident leader can’t come merely through reading about (although that certainly doesn’t hurt). Leadership skills have to be developed through hands-on experience — and at Hot Ground Gym in Arlington Heights, you rest assured that your kids will be getting plenty of hands-on experience!

We offer a whole host of engaging activities. The options are endless. And each of these activities involves a large amount of hands-on engagement. Indeed, many of them are specifically geared toward team-building where it’s imperative for kids to communicate and work together to accomplish their goals. Communication and conflict-resolution are essential skills for a good leader.

Developmental Elements

Within our Junior Boots™ program, we implement our 3PA approach to fitness. Within our 3PA approach, we utilize our 5 Pillars Of Confidence™, one of which is leadership. Our leadership pillar, in turn, has four developmental elements. Each of these functions together to help children realize their inner-leader. These developmental elements include the following:

  • Education
  • Mentoring
  • Application
  • Assessment

Your children will get to experience each of these elements in hands-on activities. This is a learning experience driven by trial-and-error. We firmly believe that the best way to develop life-skills is by knowing what it’s like to struggle and fail, but to get back up again and keep fighting. This trial-and-error process will allow your children to persevere and, ultimately, lead.

Kids Gym

Hot Ground Gym in Arlington Heights has the resources needed to help your children develop their confidence and unleash their inner-leader. Our trainers are military veterans and first responders — no strangers to perseverance. We will take the hard-earned lessons we’ve developed through life and equip your children to do the same. Visit our kids gym in Arlington Heights to start on the path to leadership today.