It’s hard to believe that spring is almost over. 2019 is flying by and summer is basically upon us. The summer is a significant time for most families, as typically kids will have a summer break from school. This is an exciting time for families (especially the kids!), but it can also bring with it certain stressors. Summer camp can be an ideal choice for a lot of families. If you’re interested in exploring summer camp for your kiddos, this blog is for you. We will take a look at three benefits of choosing summer camp.

Keep in mind that, regardless of benefits, not all summer camps are created equal. It’s important to choose the right summer camp for you and your family. Hot Ground Gym® in Arlington Heights offers a summer camp that is focused on leadership and kids fitness. But more about our camp soon. For now, let’s take a look at some important things to consider when choosing a summer camp for your kids!

1. Kids Fitness

One of the first things to keep in mind for summer camps is that they are a fantastic opportunity to model healthy ways of living. Not all summer camps are focused on kids fitness, of course, but most camps still typically offer a large number of activities and exercises for your kids to enjoy. When your child is at summer camp, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be staying busy and active.

The leadership summer camp offered by Hot Ground Gym® in Arlington Heights presents an unparalleled opportunity for kids fitness. Our camp offers obstacle courses, survival skills, self-defense, and plenty more. This the perfect strategy for modeling healthy living for your kids. Kids fitness has never been so fun!

2. Social Skills

If any of us were lucky to go to summer camp growing up, then undoubtedly we were left with lifelong memories. Even if the friendships ended right along with the camp itself, the time spent getting to know other kids, to participate in challenges together, to cultivate that sense of solidarity — these are invaluable skills that will stick with us for life. You have the opportunity to work with adult mentors as well, opening the door for building relationships and managing conflict.

Our leadership summer camp is no exception. We include activities that are specifically geared toward leadership development. In addition to this, we teach first aid, cooking, and more. All of these practical life skills will help our children learn to become more social, well-rounded individuals. It’s about so much more than just kids fitness!

3. Personal Growth

All of the above skills — be it kids fitness or social skills — work together toward your child’s personal growth. Summer camps are an amazing opportunity for your child to gain a wide range of experiences that will stick with them for a very long time. These can be invaluable to a child’s growth. Achieving personal growth takes time and effort. Our instructors include military veterans, first responders, and responsible assistant instructors — meaning your children will be perfectly equipped to achieve personal growth.

At Hot Ground Gym® in Arlington Heights, our summer camp is structured to ensure personal growth in children. Our summer camps last for one week at a time and allow your child to head home each night with more mental and physical strength. With us, you can rest assured that they will receive kids fitness, improved social skills, and personal growth. That is, they will learn what it takes to be a responsible leader. Learn more about our leadership summer camp today!