We dropped our daughter off at a 9-year-old friend’s bowling party the other day and made sure to leave our cell phone number…because we were almost certain they were going to get kicked out early!

The girls were running up and down the steps between each frame, pretending to play the race car games, dropping the bowling balls in the wrong lanes, and climbing on (and through) the railings of the wheelchair ramp. They just got lucky that the “manager who didn’t care as much” was on duty that day.

But as fun as bowling is, it just reminded us…kids have to move. While the instruction sheet said that “each child has to sit and wait for her next turn to bowl,” we have a bit of information for the bowling alley: it’s not gonna happen! When kids get together, they’re going to climb on stuff.

That’s why Hot Ground Gym is one of the best kids birthday party places you’ll ever find, Northbrook or otherwise. Our parties are based around the American Ninja Warrior television show, where kids get to experience obstacle courses specifically tailored to them.

The great thing is that it works incredibly well for girls too; even if they’re not into the idea of being a “ninja” they’ll certainly be interested in the idea of an indoor playground.

Kids birthday parties at Hot Ground Gym are always a blast. It’s a safe, fun way for them to burn off energy without getting kicked out of a bowling alley! Looking for the ultimate birthday party idea? We’ve got the answer, so schedule it today!

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