c7_resizedAt Hot Ground Gym, we know how important school is. But we also know that kids don’t get enough exercise during the day and that recess is becoming less and less of a priority in most school systems. That’s why the Junior Boot after school activities are such an important part of a school day. Why?


Like we said, kids just aren’t getting enough exercise in school. Gym classes have been reduced to as little as once a week. While recess used to be an activity that happened three or four times a day, it’s often once or twice for young students and not at all for middle school kids. (It’s unfortunate, too, since studies have shown that more recess actually equals better learning and higher grades.) Our after school programs help kids get that exercise they’re so desperately missing out on at school and at home.

Get the Wiggles Out

after-school-program-1So if kids aren’t getting their wiggles out at school, where can they get them? Unfortunately, many of them will head straight to the couch and screen time after school. Our Junior Boots program at Hot Ground Gym is an excellent transition between the sitting down at school and the sitting down for supper and homework.

You’ve seen kids run out of school at the end of the day…they want to move! What better place is there than our kids’ gym filled with fun obstacle courses? Ready to get your kid moving? Check out our schedule right here to find out where your kids fit in our after school activities!