1. Where Have All The Activities For Kids Gone?

      “Kids these days! They’re lazy, they don’t do anything! They’ll always on their portable radios or whatever it is in their hands!” While that’s certainly an overreaction, there’s a hint of truth to it. There’s not doubt that kids are getting more and more sedentary. It’s reflected not only in an increase in kids becoming more and more obese, but in the other health problem…Read More

  2. Looking for Birthday Party Ideas That Will Impress? Check Out Something New!

      As a parent, having kids age-out of stuff can be a bittersweet experience. Sure, we want them to get out of diapers, but we find it hard to get rid of the baby clothes. We want to take off the training wheels, but we hate to see them growing up so fast. So when it comes to kids birthday party ideas, our thoughts go to the kids birthday party places we’ve been too before, whether for your …Read More

  3. 3 Advantages Hot Ground Gym Has Over Other Children’s Activities

      We love parks. Love ‘em love ‘em love ‘em. Public parks are a great place to take your kids to get exercise, and jungle gyms are an excellent way for them to get exercise. And while parks might be one of the best children’s activities around, there are certainly times when a structured kids fitness activity like Hot Ground Gym can be what’s best for them. It keeps them focused - W…Read More

  4. Why Hot Ground Gym Is One Of The Best Kids Birthday Party Places Around

      We dropped our daughter off at a 9-year-old friend’s bowling party the other day and made sure to leave our cell phone number...because we were almost certain they were going to get kicked out early! The girls were running up and down the steps between each frame, pretending to play the race car games, dropping the bowling balls in the wrong lanes, and climbing on (and through) the railin…Read More

  5. Workouts for kids: Get in shape while having fun

    Workouts for kids are more important than ever before. I am sure you hear about childhood obesity in the news and the constant struggle of keeping kids active instead of with their face stuck in front of a phone or tablet. Back in the good old days kids were running around all day long every day. It was the only thing there was to do. Workouts for kids were simple. Go outside, play tag, shoot hoop…Read More


    These days, it is sadly not uncommon to see physical education and recess being cut out of schools due to funding reallocations and lack of resources. Now more than ever, after school programs that encourage fitness, activity, and constructive socialization are critical for the development of young people in our country. Traditional choices like kids soccer, karate, and outdoors groups like Boy Sc…Read More


    To many parents today, the idea of exercise for their kids sounds kind of bizarre. In generations past, outdoor play was the natural state of children, only occasionally interrupted by school, meals, chores, etc. Sports were almost the only available or favorable “extra-curricular activity” (though they certainly weren’t called that), and gym class was a given. But these days, with the rise …Read More


    After many hours observing children at play in different settings, researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder say natural terrain playgrounds, those that incorporate trees and grass, even if they include some man-made structures, are effective against stress. Published in the journal Health & Place, the study is the first to focus on the effectiveness of student access to natural set…Read More