1. What Makes Obstacle Courses Such a Fun Kids Activity in Northbrook?

    Whether they’re enjoying our mobile Go Obstacle challenges or our Junior Boots™ fitness program, kids will love the obstacle courses provided by Hot Ground Gym. At first the idea of an obstacle course might seem counter-intuitive; humans love to take the path of least resistance, and choosing to put obstacles in the way of kids would seem like something they’d hate. Instead, they love it! Ou…Read More

  2. 3 Top Skills That Aren’t Taught at Most Kids Summer Day Camps

      Most day camps have no problem distracting kids for a few hours each day. But that’s all they’re doing, filling a kid’s time until the parent picks them up. But the fact is, those kids aren’t really learning anything while they’re at summer camp. That’s where the Hot Ground Gym 2016 Leadership Summer Camp comes in. We don’t want to just entertain the kids; we want them to leave ha…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons Parents Love Our Summer Camps For Kids

      We’ve already established the many reasons that your children will love our summer camp for kids. After all, where else can they enjoy nature while having fun with their friends and navigating obstacle courses? But why do parents like sending their kids to our kids summer camp? Full Day: Let’s be honest, one of the things that many parents are looking for in a kids summer camp is that it’…Read More

  4. Is the Hot Ground Summer Camp Appropriate For Girls?

      If you’ve only got five seconds to ready this blog, let’s answer the question right away. YES, the Hot Ground summer camp is an excellent day camp experience for girls! Okay, now that we’ve answered the question, here are a few follow-up explanations as to why we know that girls will have just as much fun as the boys do. Girls will be put in control: When there are mixed groups of boys an…Read More

  5. 3 Reasons Why Summer Camp With Hot Ground Gym Is The Best Day Camp Option Around

      Summer is fast approaching, and it’s time to decide what your kid or kiddos will be doing when they’re not in school. Here at Hot Ground Gym we’ve started a summer camp for kids that you children will never forget, and we mean that in the best possible way! Here are three of the top reasons why our summer camp is the way to go in 2016. It’s a positive experience: Summer camp social inte…Read More

  6. Benefits of Summer Camp In Northbrook

      When you look around, it’s pretty obvious that kids aren’t getting enough exercise, mostly because their eyes are always in front of a glowing screen. They might be exploring, but it’s only a virtual world. We’re happy to announce the 2016 Hot Ground Leadership Summer Camp in order for kids in the Northbrook area to get the most out of their summer! Our summer camp for kids encompas…Read More

  7. Where Have All The Activities For Kids Gone?

      “Kids these days! They’re lazy, they don’t do anything! They’ll always on their portable radios or whatever it is in their hands!” While that’s certainly an overreaction, there’s a hint of truth to it. There’s not doubt that kids are getting more and more sedentary. It’s reflected not only in an increase in kids becoming more and more obese, but in the other health problem…Read More

  8. Looking for Birthday Party Ideas That Will Impress? Check Out Something New!

      As a parent, having kids age-out of stuff can be a bittersweet experience. Sure, we want them to get out of diapers, but we find it hard to get rid of the baby clothes. We want to take off the training wheels, but we hate to see them growing up so fast. So when it comes to kids birthday party ideas, our thoughts go to the kids birthday party places we’ve been too before, whether for your …Read More

  9. 3 Advantages Hot Ground Gym Has Over Other Children’s Activities

      We love parks. Love ‘em love ‘em love ‘em. Public parks are a great place to take your kids to get exercise, and jungle gyms are an excellent way for them to get exercise. And while parks might be one of the best children’s activities around, there are certainly times when a structured kids fitness activity like Hot Ground Gym can be what’s best for them. It keeps them focused - W…Read More

  10. Why Hot Ground Gym Is One Of The Best Kids Birthday Party Places Around

      We dropped our daughter off at a 9-year-old friend’s bowling party the other day and made sure to leave our cell phone number...because we were almost certain they were going to get kicked out early! The girls were running up and down the steps between each frame, pretending to play the race car games, dropping the bowling balls in the wrong lanes, and climbing on (and through) the railin…Read More