1. Why A Birthday Party Themed Around Physical Fitness Is A Benefit

    While we’re headed toward the end of the summer, that doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying physical fitness with your child. One way that you can continue to implement physical fitness into your child’s life is on his or her birthday. Instead of having a birthday centered around princesses or race cars, try a kids birthday party idea that’s all about physical fitness. If you’re looking…Read More

  2. The Risks Of A Sedentary Lifestyle In Kids

    Did you know that kids between ages five and 16 spend on average of six and a half hours in front of a screen? This compares to only three hours in front of one in 1995. Teenage boys will spend the longest in front of a screen averaging about eight hours and eight year old girls will spend the least at only three and a half hours. Screen time includes watching TV, playing video games, using cell p…Read More

  3. Does Teamwork Help Kids Succeed In Life?

    In today’s blog, we’ll be covering teamwork. While Hot Ground Gym helps with kids fitness and ensuring your child is healthy, our gym also focuses on the five fundamental pillars. These pillars consist of obstacle course fitness, critical thinking, discipline, leadership, and teamwork. Teamwork is something that doesn’t just start at a young age with games in gym class or while helping other…Read More

  4. Energy Boosting Snacks For Kids

    Hungry tummies make for grumpy children! Since we work with children, we see how they can quickly lose a lot of energy and a desire to have fun when they are not getting the proper nutrition to go through our Junior Boots™, camps, mobile training, and even the birthday parties. It’s important that when you enroll your child in any kids fitness program that they have energy boosting snacks that…Read More

  5. Have Fun This Summer At Our Hot Ground Gym Summer Camps

    It’s officially spring and that means the kids will be out of school soon. While you’re excited about the warmer weather, you have absolutely no idea what your children will do this summer except rely on your usual plan for them. You have about a month and a half to figure out what you want them to do for the summer and it’s always easiest to just do the same thing as previous years. While k…Read More

  6. Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday At Hot Ground Gym

    Kids birthday parties can always be a little intense. There are several kids, cake, and there has to be a constant form of entertainment. If you want to avoid coming up with an array of activities for your child and his or her friends, then check out Hot Ground Gym®. We have been voted as the best birthday party in the Chicagoland area. We’ll help create a birthday party that you and your child…Read More

  7. Sneaky Ways To Help Your Child Love Exercising

    Getting children to do things can sometimes come down to how you present the idea to them. If you tell your child to eat his or her vegetables, then you could be looking at a fight about who gets dessert. However, if you sneak some vegetables into a delicious food they love, such as mac and cheese, then you won’t have to worry about your child not getting nutrients and vitamins. The same can be …Read More

  8. The Long Term Benefits Of Starting To Exercise Young

    Unfortunately, childhood obesity has become an epidemic in this country. Obesity as a young child can cause a myriad of problems throughout life. As a parent, you want the best life possible for your child and that means incorporating a balance in his or her life. There’s a misconception out there that you need to focus on the academic portion in school and that physical education is an expendab…Read More

  9. How Junior Boots Can Improve Performance In Just About Any Sport

    When you look at different camps that kids go to, they’ve often very specific. It’s either basketball camp or soccer camp or tennis camp. Everything is geared to that one sport. It’s the same with practice. Kids have after-school practice so that they can get better at their chosen sport. In other words, the exercises that kids go through are usually all about whatever sport they’ll be wo…Read More

  10. The Not-So-Obvious Advantages Our Kids’ Gym Can Help With After School Activities

      In a recent post, we gave a quick rundown of the ways in which our kids’ gym can help with many after-school sports, whether it’s basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, football, or tennis. (We’ll go into more details of how a kids fitness program can help with those in our next blog). We also mentioned some other activities that our Junior Boots program can help with. Today we’re …Read More