So, as a parent, are you happy or sad that school is back in session? On the one hand, the kids being back in school means that you either don’t have to pay for daycare or you have a lot more free time during the day. But wasn’t summer nice, back when you didn’t have to bother them about homework every night? And while they might have had activities, summer activities are often nothing when compared to the many school-based activities that show up from September through May. Not to mention the concerts and recitals and games and holiday programs.

Whether your kids attended our Leadership Summer Camp or are simply in our Junior Boots kids’ gym (or both), we hope they fun with it during the summer months. But now that the school year is revving back up, the number of activities in which kids can be involved is pretty much limitless: football, dance, lacrosse, choir, band, soccer, piano lessons, swim team, Lego robotics…the list goes on and on. No kid can do them all, even if they have an interest and show an aptitude for many of them. So where do kids’ fitness programs fit in?

Well, you won’t be surprised to know that we think you should definitely find the time in the busy schedule for your child or children to attend our kids’ gym. We’re not just saying that because we are interested in customers, but because we are truly interested in keeping kids as healthy as possible. Junior Boots can be a great after school activity, whether it’s the primary exercise they get all week or if it’s in addition to other sports.

Junior Boots Keeps Kids Active

Being active is, of course, one of the most important aspects of a kids’ gym. We know we sound like a broken record, but most children aren’t getting enough exercise. They’re lured to a chair in front of a screen, and parents aren’t encouraging them to go out and play as much as they used to. Longer commutes to school also ensure that many kids are spending an extraordinary amount of time in the car or on the bus. Secondary kids are usually less healthy kids.

Diet is, of course, another problem. Processed food are specifically designed to make them as addictive as possible (and addictive is certainly the appropriate word). Calories are plentiful, and opening a candy bar is just as easy as opening a banana. Because food is always at hand without any need to prepare it, it’s much easier to satisfy the craving-of-the-moment. This has led to an increase in obesity and diabetes in kids across the world.

That’s where theafter-schooll activities at our kids’ gym come in. We keep kids active so that they’re burning calories. Just as important, we also get their heart rates up which strengthens the most important muscle. If your child isn’t into sports but really needs to get moving, that’s fine; the arts are equally as important. But their body still needs to move in order to stay healthy. Show them an episode of American Ninja Warrior to get them excited about what they’ll be enjoying with us.

Whether your child has been here for summer camp or Junior Boots, a kid’s birthday party or never at all, we’ll welcome them to our kids’ gym here in Northbrook. Take a look at our schedule and see if our after school program fits into your schedule. There are Saturday options as well, because we want to make getting here as easy as possible for you family’s schedule. We look forward to helping your child get healthier!