In our blogs, we’ve talked about the many reasons that kids and parents alike love our birthday party place. Sometimes we talk about the best reasons that a parent should have their kid’s birthday party with us and the ways we make like easier on adults. Other times we’ve discussed the way our parties can strengthen friendships. Still other times we’ve noted how our American Ninja Warrior-style venue can encourage kids to make the most out of their exercise time.

But sometimes we get too focused on the minutia, the small things that only speak to parents or only speak to kids. After all, what do the kids care about how their parents don’t have to worry about getting cake on the carpet? So we thought we’d step back and take a higher-level look at the basic amenities of our kids party place and why everyone loves it, just in case this is your first introduction to Hot Ground Gym (now in Vernon Hills and Northbrook!).

It’s Something New

Ball pits, bounce houses, restaurant parties, laser tag, video game parties…they’re all played out. Kids have been to dozens of each kind of these parties, sometimes hitting the same place in the same weekend. Think about how both kids and parents would like something that they haven’t done every year throughout grade school.

Even though Hot Ground Gym has been around for a few years, things are really ramping up for us. People are discovering just how fun it can be (even twice in a weekend!). We have five stars on Google+, five stars on Yelp, and just won Basharoo Party All-Star Award. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this fun-filled exercise / kids’ birthday party ideas revolution. And speaking of exercise…

Parents Love That Their Kids Are Getting Exercise

Sure, we’ve mentioned it before, but it’s an incredibly important aspect of our kids’ party place. We have to hand it to bounce houses for getting kids to move, but like we mentioned before, the idea is getting old. Also, kids over the age of 10 tend to see them as an activity that’s only for younger kids.

We’ve stepped in to offer a new birthday party idea that gets kids’ hearts moving. We all know that kids aren’t getting enough exercise, either at home or at school. That’s why it’s important to keep them moving on the weekends. A Hot Ground Gym kids’ birthday party gets the guest of honor and their friends on their feet!

Kids Like Getting Exercise (As Long As You Don’t Tell Them It’s Exercise!)

Kids want to move. Unfortunately, their brains have been hacked by the games on their iPads and the shows on television. (Seriously, game designers employ psychologists in order to keep people playing for as long as possible.) But when they bust loose from the glowing screens, they love to bike, play games, and engage in other physical activity.

That’s exactly what we offer them here Hot Ground Gym. We give them an opportunity to spend time with friends, learn team-building skills, and discover new ways to exercise that they actually enjoy. As long as they’re having fun, they don’t care how much energy they have to exert!

There’s a good reason why Hot Ground Gym is opening a second location over in Vernon Hills…it’s because we’re giving parents and kids alike exactly what they want in a kids’ birthday party in the Chicago area. Check out the details right here!