If you’re the parent of the birthday party girl or boy, there are many reasons you’ll want to make use of our birthday party place in Northbrook. After all, the kids will love it and you’ve got no clean up to take care of after the party. We’ll take care of it!

But what about the other parents? Why are they going to appreciate you having your kid’s birthday party at our indoor obstacle course? Here are a few reasons the other parents are going to be happy with your decision.

Our Kids’ Birthday Parties Are Drop Off

Once kids reach a certain age, parents are more than happy to drop them off. After all, the kids are under adult supervision and are excited to get to the 90-minutes of action and treats that await them. Parents are more than happy to have some time to run errands or go home for a little bit of relaxation.

As the parent of the birthday child, you’ll probably stick around. But don’t worry, we’ll be taking care of all of the entertainment for you.

Kids Need Exercise

There aren’t many parents out there who can say “yeah, my kid gets enough exercise.” The fact is, most kids are spending too much time on the couch and not enough time moving.

reasons-side-page-content-image-12-29-16That’s what makes our kids gym such a good birthday party place. We get kids moving in a way that they enjoy. Once they find an exercise they like, they’re more likely to develop a lifelong interest in exercise, something that all parents are more than happy to see.

Kids Have A Blast

Let’s be honest, we all love to see our kids happy. When kids come home from our birthday party place, they’re going to be happy. They might be a bit hyper afterward, but we’re sure that they’ll sleep well that night!

It’s a Safe Environment, but It Might Not Seem Like It…

Sometimes kids like to feel like they’re “putting one over” on adults. They’ll push the limits of what they think is safe, and often that can lead to reckless behavior on the playground or during sports activities.

Hot Ground Gym give kids a safe outlet where they can feel like they’re pushing the limits, when in fact they’re in a safe environment with adult supervision at all time.

You’ll Give Other Parents A Great Idea

As kids age out of ball pits and bounce houses, parents have a harder time figuring out what to do for their child’s next birthday party. When they see how much fun other kids are having at our birthday party place, they’re going to steal your idea! When they’re looking for birthday party ideas, all they have to do is remember how much fun their own child had at your kid’s birthday party.

Parents of every child will appreciate what happens when you choose our kids’ gym as your birthday party place. Want to learn more about birthday parties at Hot Ground Gym? Click here!