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Fall 2021 Best Activities for Kids in Libertyville, IL

Fall 2021 Best Activities for Kids in Libertyville, IL

Hot Ground Gym
Fall 2021 Best Activities for Kids in Libertyville, IL

When fall arrives, school resumes and while parents may welcome back routine, kids still need extracurricular and fun activities to maintain an appropriate balance between school and play, even if it’s during a fall holiday break, Thanksgiving, or Halloween.

As a popular kids’ recreation center that’s been working with young ones since 2013, we know how to keep children physically fit, mentally active, and entertained. Moreover, Hot Ground Gym is excited to open a new center, bringing some of the best day camps and kids’ classes to Libertyville. Meanwhile, here’s a list of great camps and classes for kids in the area.

Best Activities for Kids in Libertyville in Fall

#7: Libertyville Code Ninja Day Camp

Robotics, drone-making, 3D printing, and coding provide an unforgettable learning experience for kids who love tech. Code Ninja’s fall camps teach kids valuable tech skills and are a fun way for them to stretch their creativity and improve algorithmic thinking.

Code Ninja provides kids with hands-on experience with AI, and because most future professions will entail computers, it enhances the much-needed skill of digital literacy in a constructive environment designed to foster creativity.

  • Age group: 7-14 years-old
  • Dates: Between Dec 2021 and January 2022
  • Hours: Half and full-day camps
  • Address: 1324 S Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL 60048

#6: Improv Playhouse Theater for Young Audiences

The Improv Playhouse Theatre for Young Audiences runs incredible theater kid camps and kids’ classes in acting, voice, choreography, and dance. The 2-week camps, as well as weekly classes, exercise the imagination, instill a sense of discipline and dedication, and boost confidence.

Older kids are also given the opportunity to take on leadership positions and develop storytelling and world-building skills. These camps are for those who love to perform and want to develop their musical theater skills in a nurturing environment

  • Age group: 1st-3rd grade, and 4th-8th graders
  • Dates: Throughout fall
  • Hours: Weekday evenings or Sunday afternoons, depending on the class
  • Address: 116 W Lake St, Libertyville

#5: Talent Forum Dancing Classes

Talent Forum offers ballet, tap, and hip hop classes that run for a full season from September to June. Kids new to dance also have an 8-week introductory program they can sign up for without committing to an entire season.

Kids develop body conditioning through fun routines to familiar childhood songs, as well as an appreciation for classical music. The rhythmic combinations of dance movement stimulate the brain, enhance expression, boost fitness and encourage creativity, even if they’re just dancing for fun.

  • Age group: 3-7 year-olds
  • Dates: Throughout September 2021 to June 2022
  • Hours: Weekdays, early morning or late afternoon
  • Address: 450 N Peterson Rd, Libertyville, IL 60048

#4: Dancenter North Summer Dance Camp

A school for the performing arts, Dancenter North offers classes throughout the fall in hip-hop, ballet, and creative movement. Founded in 1874 and situated just 14 minutes north of Libertyville in Gurnee, their tailored dance syllabus is suitable for kids 2-years-old and up.

Dance is an excellent form of expressive exercise that teaches children the value of discipline, consistency, commitment, and hard work through physical movement. It’s also great for those kids who may not like sports, but love to move.

  • Age group: 2 years old to teens
  • Dates: August 21 – December 18, 2021
  • Hours: Weekdays, early morning or late afternoon
  • Address: 5410 Grand Ave, Gurnee, Illinois 60031

#3: Hi-Five School-Break Camps

Located in Vernon Hills, near Libertyville, Hi-Five’s School-Break Camps inspire children to develop a passion for sports and team spirit by exposing them to a variety of different sports in a fun and energized environment. Their indoor center ensures the continuation of day camps, no matter the weather.

With an underlying philosophy of preparing kids for healthier, more balanced lifestyles, their fully structured program includes dodgeball, football, soccer, capture the flag, and arts and crafts, to name a few.

  • Age group: 5-10 years old
  • Dates: 23-24 of Nov 2021
  • Hours: 9 am — 3 pm
  • Address: 122 Hawthorn Center, Unit 515, Vernon Hills, IL 60061

#2: Mundelein Park & Recreation District Fall Activities

The Mundelein Park & Recreation District has over 650 season programs, including dancing, basketball, gymnastics, youth sports, tennis, swimming, art, fitness, day trail camps, and free events — there’s literally something for everyone!

There are even early development kids’ classes to nurture social, emotional, and physical growth through music and art-based activities. Even if your child doesn’t sign up for a class, taking them to spend the day playing in over 735 acres of open space will provide plenty of exercises.

  • Age group: 5 years old to teens
  • Dates: Throughout fall
  • Hours: Depends on activity type
  • Address: 1401 N Midlothian Rd, Mundelein

We’ve Saved the Best for Last

Hot Ground Gym Fall Kids Activites in Libertyville

If your kids get bored with studying and staying home, then Hot Ground Gym is the place to go. We offer some of the best camps in Libertyville, filled with obstacle courses, team-building activities, and plenty of physical exercises. Our unique methodology, based on military training, blends learning, growth, adventure, and fun.

Our safe, indoor center provides kids with a healthy energy outlet and peers socializing opportunities. HGG’s fully supervised camps include circuit-based fitness activities, bridge building, obstacle courses, and more. There’s also ample opportunity for older kids to develop their leadership skills too. Sign up here and get 25% off our fall break camps.

  • Age group: 7–14 years old
  • Dates: Throughout fall
  • Hours: Half or full-day camps
  • Address: 1950 N Highway 45, Libertyville