blog1-img3_resizedWe love parks. Love ‘em love ‘em love ‘em. Public parks are a great place to take your kids to get exercise, and jungle gyms are an excellent way for them to get exercise.

And while parks might be one of the best children’s activities around, there are certainly times when a structured kids fitness activity like Hot Ground Gym can be what’s best for them.

It keeps them focused – When many kids get to the park, they run around on the equipment. But just as they’re getting their heart rates up, many of them hide out under the play structure and pull out their phone or some other device. When they’re getting a boot camp workout like the one we have at Hot Ground Gym, they’re not going to have their cell phone and they’ll have someone gently pushing them to do more, to do better, and to keep their heart rate up for longer.

Winter is coming – A crisp fall day in a public park can be refreshing, and the kids love it as a way to keep them cool while they exercise. But once we reach the end of October, it’s going to start getting too cold and snowy to spend much time on the jungle gym. Too often kids just sit around at home in front of the TV instead of getting the heart-pumping children’s activities they need. You can’t have them taking four months off from exercise just because the temperature drops. Hot Ground is a kids gym that will keep them moving all winter long

It saves your house – When cabin fever sets in, give them a place to burn off all that excess energy…and save your house from destruction!

When it come to children’s activities in winter, find the kids fitness program that will keep them moving all winter. Check out our schedule for Junior Boots here!