1. Why A Gym For Kids?

    You might wonder by two people who are ex-military might want to open a gym for kids. Well, we didn’t...we opened two! Not only do we have our original kids’ gym in Northbrook, but we have just recently opened up a new location in Vernon Hills. Both offer children and exciting kids’ gym experience like no other in the area. So, back to the original question. Why open a gym for kids. Well, t…Read More

  2. Why People Love Us A Kids’ Birthday Party Place

      In our blogs, we’ve talked about the many reasons that kids and parents alike love our birthday party place. Sometimes we talk about the best reasons that a parent should have their kid’s birthday party with us and the ways we make like easier on adults. Other times we’ve discussed the way our parties can strengthen friendships. Still other times we’ve noted how our American Ninja Warr…Read More

  3. How Our Kids Party Place Can Make Things a Little Easier On You

    Could you use a little help with your kid’s birthday party? We’re parents too, and we know that finding a kids’ birthday party place and gathering up everything you need and finding the right invitations and picking a theme and...well, you get the picture; it’s insane! So, with so much to do, how can a kids’ party place like Hot Ground make ourselves stand out? Well, beyond simply giving…Read More

  4. How Our Birthday Party Place Addresses The Problems of Other Venues

    We’re sure you’ve been to your share of kids birthday parties. You’ve probably planned your share of them, and you’ve certainly taken your child to a number of others over the years. Some have been at some pretty cool birthday party places, others have been at locations that are, for lack of a better word, lame. What makes the worst kids’ birthday party places so bad? Let’s take a look…Read More

  5. Top 3 Reasons Parents Love Our Birthday Party Place for Kids

    If you’re the parent of the birthday party girl or boy, there are many reasons you’ll want to make use of our birthday party place in Northbrook. After all, the kids will love it and you’ve got no clean up to take care of after the party. We’ll take care of it! But what about the other parents? Why are they going to appreciate you having your kid’s birthday party at our indoor obstacle …Read More

  6. What People Are Saying About Hot Ground Gym As A Birthday Party Place

    We’ve written dozens of blogs about our kids' fitness programs, obstacle courses, and summer camps here in Northbrook. In a few blogs we’ve taken time to focus on our Hot Ground as a kids’ birthday party place. But so far we haven’t stepped back and let our clients tell you why having your event here at our kids' gym makes such a great bids birthday party idea. Let’s take a look at what…Read More

  7. Why American Ninja Warrior-style Obstacles Works So Well

    When you take one look at our kids' gym in Northbrook, there’s no doubt that we’ve taken some inspiration in our obstacles from the television show American Ninja Warrior. Why do we have such an interest in this show? Here are three good reasons. It Works Out The Entire Body Many sport are great for the legs and heart. Sports like basketball, football, and baseball all keep kids running and p…Read More

  8. School Is Back In Session! Have Your Kids Join Our After School Activities

    At Hot Ground Gym, we know how important school is. But we also know that kids don’t get enough exercise during the day and that recess is becoming less and less of a priority in most school systems. That’s why the Junior Boot after school activities are such an important part of a school day. Why? Exercise Like we said, kids just aren’t getting enough exercise in school. Gym classes have b…Read More

  9. Let’s Talk About “Role and a Goal” At Our Junior Boots After School Program

    The Junior Boots program at our kid's gym involves boys and girls from kindergarten through 8th grade, broken down into three separate age groups: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. We’ve worked hard to create an after school program that makes our children’s activities in Northbrook as fun as possible for kids of all ages. One thing that doesn’t change much, though, is the idea of a “roll and a goal.…Read More

  10. What Makes Obstacle Courses Such a Fun Kids Activity in Northbrook?

    Whether they’re enjoying our mobile Go Obstacle challenges or our Junior Boots™ fitness program, kids will love the obstacle courses provided by Hot Ground Gym. At first the idea of an obstacle course might seem counter-intuitive; humans love to take the path of least resistance, and choosing to put obstacles in the way of kids would seem like something they’d hate. Instead, they love it! O…Read More