1. How Our Kids Gym After School Programs Work Together

    In our previous blog we were talking about how it’s important to not let your children’s physical activity be put on hold just because school has started up. After all, kids need a lot of activity, and too few of them just aren’t getting it. Add to that the fact that unhealthy snacks are a part of most kids’ days and you start to realize just how important it is that they are a part of an …Read More

  2. School Is Back In Session. Don’t Let Your Kid’s Fitness Program Fall Away

    So, as a parent, are you happy or sad that school is back in session? On the one hand, the kids being back in school means that you either don’t have to pay for daycare or you have a lot more free time during the day. But wasn’t summer nice, back when you didn’t have to bother them about homework every night? And while they might have had activities, summer activities are often nothing when …Read More

  3. Will Our Kids’ Gym Get Them On American Ninja Warrior?

    In our previous blog we discussed where the inspiration for Hot Ground Gym came from and why we enjoy the television show American Ninja Warrior so much. So you might be wondering, is that the goal of our students? Is it our goal to see them on television competing with the best of the best? Well, yes and no. Let’s take a look at what we expect from those who are seeking kids fitness at our obst…Read More

  4. The Inspiration For Our Kids’ Birthday Party Venue

    We’re quite proud of our kids’ gym here in Northbrook (and equally proud of our first expansion in Vernon Hills). If you’ve never been in, you might be surprised to see all of the interesting equipment and obstacles that we have lined up for kids’ birthday parties. Well, all you have to do is take a look at this video to see all of it in action and find out more about our birthday party ve…Read More

  5. More Fun Activities Kids Will Be Enjoying at Our Northbrook Summer Camp

    In our most recent blog we told you about some of the fun activities you can expect your kid to experience when they visit our Northbrook kids’ summer camp. Over the course of many weeks, kids will experience a wide range of activities that will exercise their bodies, such as hiking and our indoor obstacle course. They’ll also be working on their observations and deductive skills, like during …Read More

  6. What Kind of Fun Are We Having At Our Northbrook Day Camp?

      When it comes to most summer camps, you know exactly what you’re getting. Football camp? It’s pretty much all football. Swimming lessons? Mostly time in the water. Computer camp? Lots of code. So when we say that ours is a leadership summer camp, it might not be immediately obvious what’s going to go on. That’s why we’re back to let you know about the many activities that can occur at…Read More

  7. Why Choose Our Leadership Summer Camp?

    Looking for a summer camp for kids in Northbrook? Without a doubt, we at Hot Ground Gym have created one of the most fun and exciting day camps in the area! Of course, that’s easy for us to say, so we’d better back it up. Our kids’ summer camp covers pretty much all the bases when it comes to what kids and parents are looking for. Let’s take a look at what it offers. Physical Activities We…Read More

  8. Why A Gym For Kids?

    You might wonder by two people who are ex-military might want to open a gym for kids. Well, we didn’t...we opened two! Not only do we have our original kids’ gym in Northbrook, but we have just recently opened up a new location in Vernon Hills. Both offer children and exciting kids’ gym experience like no other in the area. So, back to the original question. Why open a gym for kids. Well, th…Read More

  9. Why People Love Us A Kids’ Birthday Party Place

      In our blogs, we’ve talked about the many reasons that kids and parents alike love our birthday party place. Sometimes we talk about the best reasons that a parent should have their kid’s birthday party with us and the ways we make like easier on adults. Other times we’ve discussed the way our parties can strengthen friendships. Still other times we’ve noted how our American Ninja Warri…Read More

  10. How Our Kids Party Place Can Make Things a Little Easier On You

    Could you use a little help with your kid’s birthday party? We’re parents too, and we know that finding a kids’ birthday party place and gathering up everything you need and finding the right invitations and picking a theme and...well, you get the picture; it’s insane! So, with so much to do, how can a kids’ party place like Hot Ground make ourselves stand out? Well, beyond simply giving…Read More