about-us-barHot Ground Gym® was Founded in July 2013 by two military veterans. Doug Gialds, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and, Paul Plotkin, a veteran of the Israeli Special Forces. Hot Ground Gym® is different from any traditional sports programs, fitness, and self-defense classes for children. Our mission is to shape today’s kids into the next generation of strong and confident individuals through a unique training program that goes beyond physical activity and works to strengthen critical thinking skills, encourage cooperation and build character.


Hot Ground Gym® is operated by a team of handpicked instructors. Our cadre of instructors consists of military veterans and first responders. These are true, real life superheroes, who inspire children to become great.


5-dimensional concept™ or 5DC™ is a training methodology developed by the founders of Hot Ground Gym®. 5DC™ is a revolutionary training methodology that consists of the five fundamental pillars: obstacle course fitness, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking and discipline. The 5 pillars support and reinforce a three-pronged approach. Physical training is derived from obstacle course fitness. Mental training is derived from discipline and critical thinking, which are woven into each mission. Character development is derived from the teamwork and leadership skills each child develops throughout the course of our training.