Help to strengthen your child’s future by creating and fostering a love of fitness. At Hot Ground Gym®, your child will grow strong, develop character, and increase communication skills. We’re proud to offer fitness training programs that are for any child who wants to have some fun while also learning a variety of new abilities. Our gym serves kids who are in kindergarten through eighth grade. For further information on how we’ve helped to cultivate an atmosphere for kids to grow strong and have fun, contact us today.

Strengthen The Future With Hot Ground Gym In Northbrook

Hot Ground Gym is the ultimate experience for kids no matter what age they may be. We help to create an atmosphere that’s thrilling, fun, and all about movement. We’re not just a gym, we are a facility that encourages kids to grow strong, learn, and have a good time. Our mission is to challenge your child with enjoyable, guided obstacle courses that will inspire them to push themselves in other areas of their lives as well.

Our instructors are role models that are inspiring and help create team building missions that will increase the creativity, adaptability, cooperation, courage, strength, stamina, and the communication skills in your child. Hot Ground Gym was founded by two military veterans in July of 2013. These veterans served in the U.S. Marine Corps and the Israeli Special Forces, which is why our program is one-of-a-kind. We decided to combine more traditional sports programs with fitness and self-defense to help keep the next generation physically fit while developing character.

We’re proud to offer these fitness training programs because we know that children are the future. By taking one step at a time to help them with physical, mental, and character development, we’re creating a future of adults that will be ready to take on the world.

Experience Our Services

We’re proud to offer a variety of kids fitness training services that will help to facilitate your child’s physical and mental skills. Whether you want to have a birthday party for your child or you want to get them out of the house to see that movement is fun, Hot Ground Gym is just the place to help them see that exercise is enjoyable. Each of the programs we offer will challenge the body and the mind to stay active in an enjoyable and innovative way.

What Is Junior Boots™

In short, Junior Boots is a fitness training program that has five dimensional concepts. This training platform is innovative, revolutionary, and specific to Hot Ground Gym. The five pillars that we created are essential for the growth of your child’s character. Each of the obstacle courses focuses on these different pillars such as physical activity, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and discipline.

We have three different companies that range from kindergarten to eighth grade. The age groups are divided into three companies: alpha, bravo, and charlie. The alpha company is kindergarten and second grade, bravo is third through fifth, and charlie is sixth through eighth grade.

The approach that we take to each of the programs that we build out for the different age groups has three different points. This three-pronged approach consists of building the physical, character, and mental development of each child that comes to us. Each Junior Boots program has a weekly mission every week and that mission is centered around team and scenario building. What’s great about each of the missions that we do each week is how the children have to come up with an action plan to successfully complete the mission. This helps to build teamwork and camaraderie, which can be carried into other walks of life as well. Additionally, it helps with problem solving skills to figure out the best solution to a scenario.

Why Have Your Child’s Birthday Party Here

We’re excited to tell you that we were voted as the best active place to have a birthday party in the Chicagoland area by Basharoo. Regardless of how old your child is turning, our facility is a great place to throw a party because of everything that it has to offer.

When you have your child’s birthday party here, you can expect a few things. The entire party is about 90 minutes, this includes eating food and cake if you’d like as well as guided activities. The instructor will put together a guided obstacle course and creative team building activity for the kids. This portion will take 60 minutes and the mission will include problem solving, confidence building, and cooperation. It’ll also include teamwork and critical thinking skills.

What’s completely unique about having a party at our facility is your child having the opportunity to cut the cake with a military sword. Having your child’s birthday party at Hot Ground Gym is not only fun, but it’ll help the kids learn a little something about themselves. From participating in a safe and enjoyable obstacle course to eating cake and opening presents, if you want to throw a party your child will love and remember, then Hot Ground Gym is the place to create memories.

About Our Summer Camps

Leadership summer camps are the best way to create a responsible and accountable trailblazer of a child. If you want to encourage your child to be more confident, then our summer camp is just the place to spend June through August. By developing real life skills and experiencing new things, our leadership camp will help develop skills your child will use for years to come. At our summer camp, your child will learn some fun things, but also important ones. If your child is a little more shy, then our summer camp help them take a step out of their shell. If your child wants to be a leader, then our summer camp will provide them with the skills for teamwork.

What’s great about our summer camp is how it transforms your child because we incorporate real life experiences and blend them with fun and child-friendly activities. The activities can include anything from survival skills to cooking and first aid. Additionally, what’s great about our summer camps is how your child has so much fun they forget they are actually learning something. Now, isn’t that a great way to spend the summer?

Stay Warm This Winter With Our Camps

Winter in the Chicagoland area can be harsh. Not only is it cold and snowy, but your child is probably trapped inside with nothing to do during the winter holidays. While it might be easier to let them hang out in the house, you could also encourage them to experience some new activities. Even though our winter break is only a few weeks, our winter camp will help your child learn a lot. The goal at our winter camp is to help your child build various skills to take with them for their entire life.

Our instructors will create missions and experiences that will challenge your child to be a better leader and team member. The challenges that we create are not only active, but they will encourage your child to think through a solution to a scenario. Your child will learn about practical skills they can use for their entire life. Additionally, our winter camps are fun, so instead of sitting inside and doing nothing all winter break, your child will learn and be creative. He or she will also spend time with kids their own age and learn how to support their fellow friends and other teammates. While the winter is icy and cold, your child will be working hard both mentally and physically.

Keep Moving With Hot Ground Gym

What’s great about Hot Ground Gym is how we strive to not just create challenging obstacle course events for kids and teens, but we also make fitness fun. In addition to offering camps, after school programs, and a birthday party facility, we also offer mobile training. Mobile training is exactly what you’d expect from Hot Ground Gym; it’s an obstacle course that’s on the move. It’s a fun way to get in shape and for your child to be a part of a team while spreading the word about Hot Ground Gym to our clients’ locations. Our main focus at Hot Ground Gym is to educate people about the importance of the Hot Ground Gym experience. After all, a love of physical activity is one of the most important things that a child can learn when he or she is young.

By developing a love of moving, your child will be healthier both mentally and physically. This program at Hot Ground Gym focuses on cohesion and teamwork as well as physical fitness. By getting a group of great youths together, your child can begin to develop skills that they may have needed to work on before. The Go Obstacles program is a mobile training division at our fitness facility. While the trainings change, the goal is to spread the word about our experience to people through each of our locations.

We strive to create programs that are best for any division of children. This can mean our services are for those in public to private schools or to create fundraising events for youth nonprofit organizations and everything in between. It can also be a great way to create enjoyable children’s activities at a special event. By creating unique physical fitness routines, our obstacle courses will bring a little something extra to your fundraising event. The concept behind our obstacle courses is centered around critical thinking, physical training, and character development. This is all achieved by a comprehensive training program that helps to boost your child’s physical strength as well as their confidence.

About Our Memberships

At Hot Ground Gym, we offer a variety of different memberships that depend on how you’d like to schedule your child. We have the one-time-a-week membership for one child all the way up to three times a week. If you have more than one child, then we have a family plan for three children that also goes from one to three times a week. We strive to provide options that should work for many different families because we want to make sure that each child who comes to us is able to get the most out of their time at our fitness facility. Additionally, don’t forget that we offer birthday parties, mobile training, and camps, so if none of these work for your schedule or your child’s, you always have a variety of options to choose from.

Where You Can Find Us

While we’re based around the Greater Chicagoland area, we have three different locations. Our main locations is in Northbrook, then we have Vernon Hills and Arlington Heights. Each of these locations are meant to serve those in the area as well as the surrounding communities. What’s great about these locations is that each one functions the same and offers the same services. Whether you live in the Northbrook area or you reside in Vernon Hills, you can expect the same training experience for your child in each location.

Why You Should Consider Us

Are you looking for an after school activity for your child? Do you want to help cultivate a love of physical fitness in your child? Hot Ground Gym can offer you something different than other kids fitness facilities or activities. You can’t find anything like this program anywhere in the Chicagoland area and even the entire country. What’s great about our kids gym is how unique we are. We don’t just focus on physical fitness, we also will help your child develop skills that they can carry into other aspects of their life as well as into adulthood.

By choosing us as an after school activities for your child, you can expect skill development as well as character development for both the body and the mind. You can expect role models that have your child’s interest at the forefront of their mind and would like to teach him or her how to be stronger physically and mentally.